Before I had my surgery I did a couple of shoots in Sweden and Finland. First I shot with Katja. She had so many props, shoes and outfits and we didn’t even have time to shoot half of it. Some behind the scene’s shots from the girls who did my make up and hair. Thanks for making me look presentable hahahhaaa…

A couple of shots from Katja. And if you want to see more of her amazing work –> Here with Dogge Doggelito from Latin Kings.

Then off to Finland. Before the party we managed some pics. Loved shooting with the Finns and more of their work on The last pic is my favorite!!!

And the day before my surgery I got together with @apusxmodel and got creative 🙂 My BTS pics…

And then the pics from photographer @joakimoscarsson72. So much fun and it’s always fun to have cool & hot chick to play with 🙂

Recovery is going well and nice to almost be off the painkillers! Can’t get the stitches under the boobs wet so it makes showering a bit complicated. Stitches come off next week on Monday. Today I’m having a fika with one of the most beloved people of Sweden – Mark Levengood. Everyone loves him and you just feel you want to hug him 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Hi Puma, Thank you for sharing great pictures & a great update on your recovery. Enjoy your fika ( I too love coffee) & all the best with your new toys!! Stay well !

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