How are you? Hope you are in good health and stocked up on toilet paper! That last part was a joke. I hope you are not hoarding! I’m amazed that people prioritize toilet paper. And I’ve seen a video online where there’s an actual fistfight going on over toilet paper! And here in Sweden people sell hand sanitizers on auction sites for 10 times the original price!

Unfortunately I got an email this morning that my flight is cancelled. Will see how and when I’ll be able to get on a flight back to Puerto Rico. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep hanging with my family and friends.

Dinner with Karina one rainy evening. Me also showing how you can be closer than a meter to each other and still communicate safely 😉

Then catching up and sushi with Mark and Jack in Old Town… My sexy post-surgery bra made an appearance too for some unknown reason…

Met my friend Anna and obviously we’re not concerned about Corona here…

When keeping busy me and Nelly (the cat in my armpit) like to take naps. She’s like 20 years old and sometimes I wonder which one of us loves naps more hahahaaaa…

Snapped some selfies since that’s about the only content I manage right now…

Last night we got together for food & drinks. I also thought I could help my single friends to advertise for suitable boys/men for them. Not sure we captured ourselves at our best… I do expect to be invited to 3 weddings in the future!

Now getting myself together for a dog walk and fika 🙂 Tomorrow the stitches come off and the party begins 😉

Stay safe out there!

Kisses, Puma

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Klart jag har mängder med toapapper! Det hjälper mot influensan! Du kan alltid ta bort skit med den etc… Fina bilder på dig Johanna! Skulle vi träffas skulle det var betydligt mindre än en meter mellan oss… Mindre än ett tunt löv!
Kram Dennis

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