How is the situation where you are at? Are you staying in, working, trying to get home from somewhere? I hope to get back on Wednesday next week. I hope Puerto Rico don’t close their borders before that… But who knows?

Since it’s preferred that you isolate yourself, why not do it with your camera 🙂

I always believe in being outdoors. I have read and heard that it’s not even allowed to be outdoors in some places. Like in Puerto Rico you’re not allowed to go to the beach and hang out now… I took a walk & fika with a friend in the sun…

Had to try if it fits. Thankfully not hahahaaa…

When I don’t dress in the skimpy outfits, my choice is a hoodie and jeans!

And I want to live on this street! Must be popping…

In Sweden it feels like it’s winter again. Don’t be fooled by the sun in this pic. If you farted it be snowflakes coming out! I’m exaggerating, but when you’re used to the PR heat this feels freezing…

Hope you are well where ever you are! And remember to be more like Bill!

Hugs, Puma

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Damn your are so beautiful and hot! I liked the two first picture the most! I truly like you Johanna!
Wish you the best!
Love Dennis


Hello Puma,
It’s great to see that you have recovered so well from the surgery ( you look amazing. Here in France, we are in total lock-down with limited options to go out ( groceries, hospital/clinic, short walk near home). Some people do NOT understand the meaning of the guidelines & are foolish..I hope you get back to PR next week or sometime soon. Stay well & safe! All the best from France. Danny

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