Or Sweden is kind of my home too, but today I finally arrived in Puerto Rico! After 3 days and 2 nights of traveling. More and more airlines were cancelling their flights and I started thinking I’ll be unable to go home for 1-2 months. Finally found these flights with overnight layovers and decided it better work out!

Arlanda airport in Sweden was pretty much empty. Could buy food and coffee, but most places were closed down…

Got to Heathrow in London and luckily got a room at the hotel in my terminal.

Late night snack at the room and then slept like a knocked out baby!

Next morning everything was closed at Heathrow airport. Luckily Marks & Spencer had a small store and I could get breakfast and snacks.

Relieved when at the flight to Miami the next day was on the screen. Flights are being cancelled on a short notice, so couldn’t be sure until it actually was boarding…

I was suppose to have a flight to San Juan last night, but it was cancelled. So another airport hotel for 1 night. They even had a restaurant open and I was the only one eating there…

Flight this morning left 06.50am and the sky was beautiful! The clouds looked like spaceships floating ready to take over earth…. Or I just have a wild imagination hahhaaaa…

And then finally arriving in San Juan.

They took my temperature and asked a couple of questions before exiting, but that’s it. I walked to the store today and got some groceries and felt amazing wearing shorts again 🙂 More pics from Sweden coming tomorrow. Hope you all are doing good!

Kisses, Puma

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Hi Puma, glad to read that you made it home to PR given all the restrictions on flying. Here in France we are in our 3rd week of lock-down with a few exceptions to go out. Curious to know what your conditions are in PR. Happy to see/read that you have recovered form the surgery. Stay safe, healthy & take care . All the best from France!


Hey Danny, glad to hear from you and hope you and your family/friends are OK. Lock-downs are hard! Same thing here in PR. You are allowed to go to the store and pharmacy and pick up food from some restaurant that stay open for pick up only. Can’t go to the beach and there’s a curfew after 7pm. Such a difference to Sweden that barely had any restrictions! Hope it all turns around soon! Stay safe Danny!

Hugs, Puma

Hi Puma, thanks for the information. I too was surprised to see how Sweden was so relaxed with their regulations with Covid-19. So far no curfew here but then anything can happen. I assume you will workout at home, if possible. All the best & yes, let’s hope we can get back to a “normal” life soon.Take care Puma!!

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