Beautiful day here in Puerto Rico. I’m working with the front door open getting some fresh air and sun as my company. A little bit of jetlag, but nothing 3 cups of coffee won’t solve hahahaaa…

Here’s a couple of pics from Sweden. The day before I left I went for a walk during some uncharacteristically nice weather.

One last dinner with my sis and Linda. Convinced Linda this is the safest thing to suck on during these Corona times!

I did bring my face mask too. Not sure if it actually works? This pic would also be my submission to the Instagram “challenge” where you’re supposed to post an unflattering photo of yourself for only one day…

We celebrated the waffle day in Sweden too. So good! There was a bowl left with whipped cream after. I challenged my friends’ kid to eat it all for 200kr. Like $20. Poor thing really tried, but ended up on the couch feeling sick with half a bowl of cream left. Ooops, sorry, but a challenge is a challenge 😉

Some pics that got snapped…

In reality I was walking around the house looking more like this. Sometimes at night I wondered if I even brushed my hair that day or if I should actually bother to shower hahhaaaa…

Planning on doing a daily walk to the store here so I move a little bit. Grocery stores close around 5pm here, and there’s a curfew after 7pm. Look at the beautiful flower I saw yesterday!

Oh, saw a really hilarious movie yesterday – Seven Psychopaths. It cracked me up and I love Christopher Walken! It’s a comedy with killings, stolen dogs, and a movie script.. watch it!

Also watched Get Out and it was pretty good too. It’s a horror flick, but I like my horror movies to be a little bit more bloody hahhaaaa… But worth watching.

OK, that’s it for now. I want to bake today and think about unpacking. Probably won’t happen, but at least I thought about it!

Virtual Hugs to you all!

XXX Puma

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Wish it was as nice in England. Been quite cold here. Then again, bad weather should keep people in during lockdown at least 🙂


Sending some sunny vibes here from PR to UK 🙂 Yeah, bad weather is great for staying indoors and like write a novel hahhaaaa…

Hugs, Puma

Haha yes, perfect weather for novel writing. Churned out 6,000 words yesterday.

If ever you fancy being a guinea pig for some dark fantasy, always happy to throw the first chapter out to you 🙂


Miss you already. Nice to rave a friend that never grows up as me!!
Enjoy PR. Will visit as soon as it’s possible ❤️


Great minds think alike! And hopefully we never grow up and become boring hahahaaaa… Me & PR are waiting for you!

Love you!!!!


I guess Andrew was happy to see you😜. And vice versa😊. Good you are home and safe!


Thank you and yes, good to be home and Andrew was pretty happy about it too 🙂 Give it a week and he’ll regret it hahhaaaaa…

XXX Puma

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