I called the restaurant Tostado yesterday asking if they’re still open and if they make coffees to go too. Tostado is one of the places here in San Juan that makes great lattes. The answer was yes, and as soon as I woke up today I headed over. 2 lattes for me, 1 for Andrew. Running out of coffee beans too and took a chance on these Espresso beans. I’m in heaven now!

Another highlight this week was reading on the rooftop as the sun was going down. Not as hot as a sauna at that time and you actually enjoy being outdoors then hahhaaaa…

Watched a very good movie too and balled my eyes out. It’s called ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’. There’s a Korean version, but we watched ‘7 Kogustaki Mucize’ the remake in Turkish. This is a short description – “A story of love between a mentally-ill father who was wrongly accused of murder and his six year old daughter.” I really recommend. it!

Shot some stuff too. Pretty much the only time I dress up. Or down, depending on your flavor of fashion 🙂

What’s your Easter plans? I’m already considering if I should make another latte run before 3pm when Tostada closes hahhaaaa…

Happy Easter, Puma

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OMG, I love movie Miracle in cellblock 7 and I cried too! Question, I love all your colorful outfits, where do you get them? I have fake boobs too and have trouble finding stuff that fits good. Keep up the good work sexy girl!

Hugs, Henrietta


Yeah, such an emotional movie! Most my outfits I shoot in I get off Amazon. When I travel I always check out lingerie stores and sex shops too. There’s usually a few big cup bra’s on Amazon too. I just ordered a bunch of bras from Bravissimo in UK too. Haven’t gotten them yet so don’t know if they fit yet, but I’ll show them here if they do 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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