There’s so much time now. How to spend it? Reading, shooting, watching TV, training… But I like to fantasize about when Corona goes the f#*k away. I’m checking places on Airbnb in Lofoten, Norway, or I’m trying to find the most weird thing that you can order on Amazon. I think I’ll have better luck at the site Wish that sells all kinds of weird shit. I’m dreaming about which restaurant I’ll eat at first, and what I’ll eat. Or will I go to the beach first? Just in case, I ordered a big cool blow up floatie on Amazon. At least I will be ready when it all is back to normal 🙂

I’m happy I’m able to start training now. Starting lightly and mostly focusing on my lower body (booty) and stretching. Last night on the roof top while the sun was setting…

And I guess it’s no news that I’m shooting. Puma the secretary… I know how to play the role since I started watching Mad Men 😉

Baywatch by Puma…

Puma checking Puma out…

Puma needs to get her hair fixed hahahahaaa…

Now I’m going to stretch and then find a recipe on chocolate chip cookies. Going to put some stuff up for auction and think I might go and buy a sewing machine from Wallmart.

What you up to or what’s your plans after Corona is done?

Kisses, Puma

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Mostly reading, writing, tv/videogames, cooking and working out. Good time to harden those abs 💪


Hahhaaaa, yeah, my abs seems to be hibernating though! Have a great weekend 🙂

XXX Puma


Hi Puma, you are so beautiful. I can’t wait to see your new secretary video from the safety of my home. Maybe after the pandemic is over, I will match with a woman as tall and beautiful as you!

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