That’s what it feels like now! Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Good morning by the way hahahaaaa… I woke up and had to spend some time figuring out what day of the week it is. Oh Saturday, yeah… Big decisions to make. What store to walk to, and which way around the lagoon do I walk today…

On the other hand, we have a big leak in the apartment. Started yesterday, and today the living room and kitchen were covered in an inch of water. The repair man came yesterday and fixed a broken pipe behind the washer and dryer. Or so I thought he did. An hour later water was coming out again. Waiting for him to come back now with the big tools 🙂

I started walking around the lagoon every day. Kind of taking the longest route possible to the store. My favorite part is to stand and watch for manatees and stingrays while on the bridge. Lately I’ve been seeing at least one of the two, and sometimes both. One day one of the manatees had this big white fish attached to it’s back! I hope it’s cleaning the manatee like the small fish that eat parasites off of sharks. I also googled about snorkeling with manatees in Florida. They are so cute and I would love to be in the water with them!

I’m supposed to be working out but it goes so-so… And sometimes we end up at the ice cream shop instead hahhaaaa… At least they’re not stingy with the Nutella!

As for shooting it’s been happening as surely as Bill Murray is awesome! Here’s a variety for you, and hopefully it makes you happy or maybe something else hahhaaaaa… Any favorites?

Yesterday we bought some mixers and made some tasty Rum & Tequila drinks! Cheers 🙂

Time to make some breakfast and I wish you all a great weekend!

XXX Puma

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Sounds like such a lovely, scenic place where you are.

Great pics 😉 somehow I feel if I were to do similar ones they would not be as appreciated 😂


Hahhaaaa, you might be right. But also, how do you know unless you try? Sorry, the perv in me wrote that 😉
Puerto Rico is super nice and I recommend a visit 🙂

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