Wow, my mood is like a yoyo at times. The worst is when it gets hot in my apartment and the only place to escape is the bedroom where I have the AC constantly on. I have asked to get an AC in the living room, but it’s a bit mañana style to get stuff done here, and then Corona came… Have looked at portable AC’s too, but would need to somehow cover the window too. There’s no glass on the windows, just panels, and hot air would get in at the same time. I was shooting and I was sweating like a Finn in a sauna. My make up was melting, hair sticking to my skin… I lost my $#!t. If someone would’ve handed me a plane ticket to any place at that moment I would’ve taken a taxi to the airport asap! Luckily a coffee and a couple of cigarettes made me calm down 🙂

Oh, and don’t even think about wearing latex or plastic-y materials when sweaty! I look happy in the pictures, but it’s all for the camera hahhaaaaa…

But after rain, there’s sun, right? From having the pissiest day one day, to the next day being amazing! You know what happened? I got into Walmart!!! I tried a couple of times, but the line outside has been like an hour minimum, so I’ve always turned around. A few days ago I went in the morning and they just waved me right in. Holy shit! Never thought I’d be so happy inside Walmart! I strolled around for 2h hahahaaaa… I really wanted a sewing machine, and it was all meant to be. I got the last one! I love you Walmart!

There’s been some rain here and one day walking we got caught in the middle of it. Took some shelter, and then got a rainbow with a beautiful sunset! Shit is pretty good after all 🙂

The post office people here are serious about their masks!

Some more pics from the week and I guess pink (red) was the theme…

Cooking a lot at home, but can’t resist some Mexican now and then! And they have the best cocktails while you wait 🙂

Gonna head out for my daily walk now 🙂 Hope you all are in high spirits!

Kisses, Puma

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Väldigt fina sexiga bilder på dig Johanna! Du och jag i Seychellerna ett par veckor! Hmm, super bra ställe!
Sköt om dig, Johanna!
Kram Dennis


Good morning Puma, great to hear that you are coping & healthy. I took your advice & am now reading Coconut Cowboy by Tim Dorsey- only 60 pages in & I really like it! Not sure if you want any movie ideas but if yes: Dangerous Lies & I Still Believe..2 very different movies & worth watching. Your pics are great ( as usual). Here in France the lockdown continues but hopefully we will be able to get back out on May 11th -we find out on the 7th if it is a go. Ok enough from me & I hope you don’t mind my long replies. Stay well & enjoy your sewing machine.All the best from France. Danny


As phenomenal as the ‘Happy Puma’ pics look, I’d loved the ‘heat is making me angry’ pics haha

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