A big thing happened this week! Gusto’s, one of the best coffee places here in San Juan, opened up again! It’s like 5 minutes from our place, so we pretty much visited them daily before Corona hit and they closed. They re-opened on Wednesday, and as soon as I was out of bed and dressed I walked over.

I met this awesome gentleman who rescued this cool kitten!

One of our favorite grocery stores opened it’s doors too. Almost felt like stuff is getting back to normal again! Something left on my wishlist is that Puerto Rico would open the beaches again, and that Marshall’s would open. Marshalls being my to-go-to store for pretty much everything; avocado oil, snacks (which I can not pass on because they have the line to the register lined with chips), clothes, hair products, kitchen utensils, towels, and every other unnecessary thing you can think of…

Lot of fans online now, so been a busy week as usual shooting and creating fantasies, sleazing, and teasing. I also thought everyone would be happy with a party theme, so I got a bunch of party supplies from Walmart and threw a party 🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention that I need the hairdressers to open up too. It’s getting so bad I need a wig now!

Most likely online shopping…

The whole working out thing is pretty much a fail, but I managed 2 workouts this week. One at home, and then running/sprinting up a hill. I really liked it and will try to make it a routine! Go Puma!

Saw this beautiful stingray on one of my walks too…

Other than that I’ve been reading & sewing. Now off for another walk around the lagoon. Oh, and happy Mothers Day if someone here’s a mommy 🙂

Hugs, Puma

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Vackra bilder på en vacker kvinna! 🙂


Tackar tackar 🙂

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