Hope you all had a great week! I thought I’d list my ‘bests’ of this week!

Best new future skill – I’m not sure what to call this class, but I went because I want to learn self defense. I mentioned last week to a guy at the dog park that I’m interested in learning self defense. Long story short, this guy, George (he has some Spanish name, but his dog’s name is George and he said it’s OK I call him George too) turns out to be some karate guy. He also used to do free classes in a park to teach people here in Puerto Rico. Well, classes are back on, and I went yesterday. There were 2 other guys that came too in full karate gear like Karate Kid. Bunch of people watching on Zoom as well. I saw images in my mind of me being used as a bad example, and getting my ass kicked. Well, turns out it was a blast, I didn’t get my ass kicked, and I can’t wait to go back next Saturday! I only got a picture of the George’s (the dog George in the background). I didn’t want to ask the 2 full blown pro’s to do a photo sesh of me being a bad ass (think a female Jean Claude VanDamme in pink hair).. Next time!

Best short shirt of the week. Don’t believe one size fits all… Could also be categorized as best under-boob-shirt of this week…

Best fitting shirt of this week…

Best laugh this week…

Best (instagram safe) pic I managed this week…

Best dog in the dog park! A rottweiler. Had 2 of them growing up and they’re the best!

There’s got to be a worst of the week too. I got the munchies, what can I say…

Oh, an other best of the week is a text from the guy who does my hair. He is back in business so hopefully this or next week I can get my hair done!!!

Love, Puma

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Certainly the best short shirt I’ve seen.

Look forward to hearing more Puma Claude Van Damme’s exploits!

Hope you’re keeping well


Hahhaaaa, short shirts give good air-conditioning for the ladies 😉
Yeah, will document my progress to becoming a full on Karate Kid!
Somehow I just feel it will take some time…

All the best, Puma


Hello Puma,

Please don’t colour your hair pink again.

i am a big fan. i am also your twitter & insta follower. i hope you recognise me 😊

You are funny, amazing and obviously breathtaking.


Hello Puma

I am a big fan. I also follow you on twitter and Instagram. Hope you recognise me 😊

Your are funny, amazing and obviously breathtaking.

Please don’t colour your hair pink


Hey Dwayne and yes, of course I recognize you 🙂 Thank you for the compliments.
As for the pink hair, not sure what’s next. Suggestions? Thinking shorter and
super blond…

Hugs, Puma


short – definitely NO 🙏
blonde – absolutely

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