Can’t describe the excitement I felt earlier this week when they announced that they will start opening up places in Puerto Rico again. Stores, restaurants, and especially the beaches with some restrictions. The announcement said it’s starting next week on Tuesday, but we saw people swimming yesterday. That’s it! We decided to get an early start today and head to the Piñones beach. Masha the Russian and Nina the Frenchie picked us up at 8am.

It was amazing to be on the beach and in the ocean again! Obviously I overdid it with no sun screen, and floating around in the waves for over an hour. I’m a bit the color of a lobster now hahahaaaa…

Since Masha is becoming a doctor I thought it was a great idea to demonstrate my knowledge of how a birth happens…. You can say I was reborn today!

Hope you had an awesome Sunday too and will enjoy Memorial Day tomorrow 🙂 Any plans? I’m mostly excited for my hair appointment on Tuesday!

All the best! Puma

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great to hear about your day at the beach. I thought you will share about your self defence class 🤔

about the hair, did you decide what you will do with it

Also we are still under strict lock down

Stay safe 😊


We are starting to open more places up, too. Nice feeling 🙂

Also managed to get a bit of colour on my pale body, buuuut I used sun screen 😉

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