Been a productive week. Watching and reading what’s been going on in the world after the tragic death of George Floyd, I wanted to somehow support and try to make a difference. I decided to donate to You can vist their page to read more about their work. I will also keep my eyes open for other ways to support and try to make a change.

This week when taking my walk I ran into a girl that handed me this note. It says – “You are important. You are enough. Be different.” I thought it was a really great thing to do!

My sewing machine is being put to work. Can’t say that all of the finished items look the way I imagined they’d look though. Learning as I try and fail 🙂

On Wedneday the water went out in our city. Well, the ocean is filled with it, so we went to the beach! Perfect photo op and Nina decided her ass needed some exposure too!

Luckily the water came back later because I had sand in every crack!

Found a great workout page on IG Grabbed some water jugs for weights, and now my legs & arms still hurt hahhaaaa… And yes, if you spot the Xmas tree in the one pic, I’m too lazy to take it down…

Important to check for gains after every workout. Result – None LOL…

More beaching in the ocean and lagoon…

Who says you can only wear a bikini to the beach? I own too many to just have them on at the beach!

Went to brunch at Bistro Cafe this week. Amazing food and huge portions. If you come to Puerto Rico you must eat here! I overdid it and ate so much I didn’t need food for the rest of the day!

More content because there can’t be too much…

Be different, be kind, and enjoy your weekend!

Hugs, Puma

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Great to read and see you having a good time.

The lockdown is not lifted and virus spread is still not under control 😭 Who knows when this pandemic will go away so i can leave the house.

I hope the pandemic condition is better in your current country. As always stay safe

Also most importantly keep posting your daily photos on Instagram as it really makes me happy and forget about the world.



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