Finally got on a plane, and my summer travel begins! Puerto Rico is hotter than a Finnish sauna in the summer, so I prefer to travel then. Because flights are not operating at normal schedules now, I had a 24h layover in Dallas, Texas. I made the most of it, and started with BBQ in the Deep Ellum neighborhood for breakfast. WOW, Pecan Lodge had impressive food!

I obviously needed coffee afterwards! Merit Coffee – 5 stars. Even though I was too full from the BBQ, I still stuffed myself with a dessert.

Strolled the neighborhood and loved the street art. My favorite was obviously this Clint Eastwood piece because he’s just too cool!

Went to Uptown too for more coffee at Magnolias Sous Le Pont. Also 5 stars!

Then had to take a break and chilled at the rooftop of the hotel with some wine and a perfect view.

Obviously had to have some Tex Mex food while in Texas. Like I hadn’t consumed enough food already, but this desert wanted to get in my belly!

Stayed at Canvas Hotel which was a cool and funky place!

I really liked Dallas. On my next trip to Texas I’d love to do a roadtrip in an RV and explore more.

Next day it was off to Utah. Visiting a friend that grew up here. I love the nature and fresh air.

First thing I did was find a nail salon and got my claws in order. What a luxury to finally get some color and glitter on again hahahaaa…

Other friends came from Arizona too, so there’s been a lot of catching up and hiking.

All this fresh mountain air is making me tired. Tomorrow I’m signing up for a gym and going to start lifting again. My ass has gotten too lazy in the quarantine… On Tuesday I’m going to an intro class of Krav Maga. Ready to take my self defense practice to the next level 🙂

Hugs, Puma

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