…last week was seeing wild buffalos for the first time. Or they might have been bison, I’m not sure. I kind of thought they were all extinct. There is this place called Antelope Island here in Utah, and it’s a national park where they keep them. There is supposed to be antelopes too, but I didn’t see any…

The Antelope Island is in the Salt Lakes, and it was like waking in a salty desert. I got excited when it said beach access, but it smelled like buffalo turds, so I turned around pretty fast!

There was also a farm from the cowboy times. Not in use anymore, but cool to walk around. I’m reading the book ‘Lonesome Dove’ which takes place back when there was farms, buffaloes, and Indians. This place reminded me of the descriptions in the book.

It’s so great to be able to work out. Got to try boxing one day too. I like it, but if I had to choose the skillset of Rocky or Jean-Claude VanDamme , I’d choose VanDamme!

Per usual there was a day of shooting 🙂

Oh, and one day this super cute golden retriever ran into our garden. It seemed like it had ran away because I didn’t see anyone looking for her. I tried to call the number on her tag, but no one answered. We dropped her off at the veterinarian next door. Shortly after I got a text from the owner, happy that we’d ‘saved’ her dog.

I love the movie room in this house. Watched ‘Inception’ again and I like the movie a lot!

Snapped a pick of my friend Ari while he was watching a video on YouTube on how to clean a whole fish hahahaaaa… YouTube is great when you need instructions!

Just a happy me about to fill up on caffeine 🙂

New week and more workouts, shoots, & adventures 🙂 Hope you all are having a fun summer and good times!

Kisses, Puma

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Inception is one of my favourite films 🙂 great taste

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