…weekend 🙂 Did you celebrate? I researched hikes, and off we went. Not really paying attention to the length, altitude, etc, just seeing pretty lakes in the pictures, it was a lot more strenuous we realized when we where about halfway up. Turn around and go down again? No one wanted to give in, so we continued up… Totally worth it when we finally reached the top! We were almost completely alone up there, and it was amazing to take in the sun, silence, and views!

Can you spot the deer in the picture?

Totally exhausted when we came back down, but if you’re in Utah and want a good hike, this one is called Maybird Gulch.

Bought a package of fireworks too, and fired them off in a parking lot. I really enjoy the ones with a big bang!

Of course I had some content to go with 4th of July 🙂

And some other content as well…

I wish when I was a kid when I had anxiety over my big ass feet (they grew twice as fast as the rest of my body parts), I’d known that one day they’d be moneymakers hahahaaaa… Now my big feet have quite the fan base 🙂

Some days I wonder if Bogi doesn’t need some caffeine too…

I worked out this week too. Only remembered to snap pics one day though. If you look at that face you know I was fighting the weights pretty hard…

And with that I say: enjoy the rest of your weekend and cheers!

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Glad to see you are enjoying your holiday.

Maybe it’s me but i think your feet are normal size. You have long legs but i m not complaining 😜 just praising 😁

Also why you are going to gym on holiday???

Take care and avoid the gym 😂


Vad bra du är johanna!!! Älskar dina bilder


Tack sa mycket och mer bilder lar det komma 🙂


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