…Sweden! So much to do and family & friends to see. Just got back from an amazing weekend paddling a kayak, camping and finishing with a stay at a hotel with a friend. Just have to go through (and censor) closer to 300 pics before posting them 😉

In my last post I said there was a party at my friend Linda’s. I did need some recovery, but I’m too restless to just chill. And I need coffee in the morning whatever state I’m in… Me and my sister went for a walk and found this amazing spot called The Nut House. They had a restaurant, shop and a gallery. And the hammock that I took a siesta in…

Then it was time to visit my friend Katrin and Bingo with more friends. They’re all very entertaining & hilarious and it was a full day of BBQ, sauna and catching/cracking up.

Too much laughing with my cohorts also required a dose (or a couple) of Botox. Wrinkles from laughing are great, but I have to control them a little, unless I want to rename myself to Puma the Raisin…

Every now and then I have to work too. Luckily I have a pleasureful job I enjoy, so it makes it easy 🙂

Then Nelly stepped in and said it was enough smut for one day and crashed my shoot…

Also went over to my friend Anneli. I pretty much go from one household to the next and eat & drink! Stole her kids ponies and tried burning 5 calories from all the snacks consumed.

The rest of the crop. Family, eating, starstruck, Nelly and creativity kicking in!

Hope you’re living it up this summer where ever in the world you are! Sending you virtual hugs from a safe distance 🙂


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Great to read and see your vacation stories.

Virtual Hug from me to you too 🤗

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