Feels like the days here in Sweden fly by faster than I can say IKEA. All of a sudden an other week gone by and it’s already August! Almost Christmas! And my birthday and I get older! Holy shit! OK, maybe a bit dramatic, it’s all good hahaaahaaa….

Last weekend me & my friend Karina went kayaking for a weekend. Considered eventual disasters scenarios that we could encounter on the water. Like being run over by big boats, tipping over, the possibility of shitty weather which is like a 90% chance here in Sweden. We were in luck though! Stayed in our kayaks without being run over by boats and the sun was shining 🙂 We bought a 3 day package from Dalarö Kajak. Included everything (kayaks, tents, sleeping bags with thin mattress, camping kitchen) plus one night in a hotel with a 3 course dinner, breakfast buffet and lunch package.

Heading out. They required life vests even though I carry my own ‘floating devices’ 😉

After about 5h kayaking with a lunch stop, we found our own island to camp at the first night. This is not hard in the Swedish archipelago since there are a lot of small islands. Cooked some food, drank wine and dressed up. Who said camping can’t be glamorous? Then a magical sunset and after that the mosquitos came in herds. Only downfall…

Slept pretty good in the tent. It was a snug 2 person tent so you can forget about social distancing. The next day we spent on the island tanning and swimming. Ducks came by and had lunch with us 🙂

Around 3pm we jumped in our kayaks again and paddled to Smådalarö Gård. Super nice place and we went straight to the sauna. Karina is part Finn too, so sauna is like our second home! She has this particular style, or actually no style at all, when she jumps in the water LOL. Unfortunately I have to admit I’m no better and can’t dive… I just don’t post any proof of myself, just my friend, sorry Karina 😉

The dinner was so good and it felt like sleeping on clouds after a night in the tent 🙂

Stuffed ourself (or at least me) at breakfast. Literally…

Relaxed a bit and gathered our strength to paddle back. Well, I couldn’t resist a few selfies in the mirror before leaving…

If you visit Sweden, or are living here, I can highly recommend this trip! 10 out of 10. Great service, price and so much fun!

Karina is like a band aid. She can’t get enough of me 😉 So this weekend we were a few celebrating her birthday too…

I had the luxury of having my make up done by a couple of 12 year olds before dinner. I call the style Las-Vegas-sparkle. They just kept adding, but I must admit they did a pretty good job with what they had to work with hahhaaaaa…

This week there will be a 3 day hike at Jämtlandstriangeln. With Karina obviously, who else? My sister is coming too. I love hiking and I’m so excited about this! What you been up to?

Sunny greetings from Sweden! The sun is shining for now…


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Beautiful pictures & settings ! Enjoy your trip Puma !


Thank you Danny and I hope you’re doing great too 🙂

Kisses, Puma

Thank you & stay well !


Wow, looks really nice! I hope to visit Sweden one day and hopefully have a ‘fika’ with you then! You seem like a fun person to have a chat with!

Stay safe and healthy, Katie


Yes, come to Sweden and we’ll have a fika and share stories 🙂 I have plenty hahahhaaaa…

Hugs, Puma



Glad to read your vacation stories and photos

No corona in Sweden??

Enjoy and stay safe



Hope you’re well 🙂 There is corona here in Sweden, but you wouldn’t know it if you walk around in public.
Barely anyones wears masks and everything here is open as normal. What you been up to?

All the best, Puma


Glad to hear from you. I am fine too. Thank you for asking 🤗❤️.

The same case as u mentioned in my country but the corona is still deadly here but people are not smart and not at all being thoughtful

I was working from home but now once a week have to physically go to the office 😭

Enjoy your trip and keep posting


still no reply for me 😭


Hahaha vad skulle du göra i Sverige utan mig. Bara få äran att se unika grodhopp är värt det. Grym kajakhelg, nästa år kör vi igen så se upp i skärgården.


Hahhaaaaa, det ar tur att jag har dig! Ser fram emot vart nasta aventyr!

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