I celebrated a little yesterday that I’ve made it one more year 🙂 It was my nephews’ birthday yesterday as well. Usually I’m abroad at this time of year, so yesterday was the first time in a long time that we could spend our birthday together. Hip hip hooray to us 🙂

The past week has mostly been about organizing things for moms’ funeral. Going through her papers and taking care of practical things. A lot of times we get stuck looking at old photographs or remembering a story about something she has at home. I love wearing her old sweater that still smells of her…

I guess this is life. Celebrating a birthday and ‘making it’ another year, as well as having to say goodbye and letting go of someone else. Happiness, sadness, laughter and crying… I’m trying to be better at letting the people in my life that I care about, know that. To celebrate even smaller things more often. You never know what the future brings…

Here comes some pics. First up is this funny horse. Went to the stable with my friend Karina. I used to ride when I was younger and still love horses. This horse seemed to have some love(?) for me too LOL…

Had a night with tapas, wine & girlfriends… Why Linda is on the floor on her knees, I don’t know…

Like America’s Next Top Model, but more sleezy LOL…

Pretending to do laundry in a skimpy outfit. Yeah right.

One of my favorite places, outdoors. Supposedly there’s mushrooms out there now. I found 6 chanterelles. Hello, where did they all go? But we had coffee and ‘fika’ so we were happy anyways!

I had a 6 month check up on my boobs. Looked like they should the doctor said. Nipples pointing in the same direction LOL… Just me wishing they were bigger, but apparently I’m supposed to be content now. Enough is enough the doctor always says to my deaf ears…

I’m getting ready for the gym, getting some new lashes, and hopefully a spray tan. Typical productive Monday for me.

Hugs, Puma

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Hello Puma & belated Birthday Wishes/ Buon compleanno ( Grattis på födelsedagen – thank you Google translate!). Enjoy your visit with family & friends. Make the most of life & enjoy both the big & small things that make you happy! Stay well…


Nice shoes on your photos 😉


Belated Happy birthday 🎉🍰

Hope you celebrated and hope you enjoy many more birthdays in years to come


Hi lovely Johanna! Happy birtday to you! I hope your day was good! Im jealous at the horse! At least he got close to you, lucky bastard! You have awesome eyes! Love the color in your eyes. Some great picture of you! When shall we do some laundry together? Maybe the sofa cushions is nicer place. My favorite picture is the one where you sit on the sofa in a very short top! Wish you the best, Johanna! Love Dennis


Happy birthday!

It’s my birthday on the 21st. September is a great month for birthdays 😉

Glad to hear the boob check up went well and that the nipples are all pointing where they should be haha

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