Hello Puerto Rico, heat, and jetlag. It’s always a couple of days of readjustment time when you come back here. Especially since it was getting colder in Sweden, the heat right hooks you in the face! Oh, and back on with the face masks. But other than that, it’s great to be back and have summer again 🙂

Some pics from Sweden. Here having some birthday brunch at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

After __ glasses of Champagne it felt like a great idea to take some bathroom selfies with Karina. Only person behaving in these pics is Uma Thurman on my t-shirt hahahaaa…

Karina bought a horse and I went to the stable to see if I still had my horse skills. I think I do… Only managed to get stepped on, and now I have a blue toe. But hey, no one died…

You don’t take a pic of it, it didn’t happen. So here’s my proof that I went to the gym more times than a bar or a club. Usually it’s the opposite!

When you try to claim you’re a blond, you better be a little bit more convincing than me! But now I’m back being a blond 🙂

Talked about sex and hopefully get to go on TV and talk more about it. I believe the youth need proper education about sex, and not just have porn as their education.

And of course there was the smut.

That lasted until the cat stepped in and said there was one pussy too many in the picture now…

And these are the leftovers. Me, Andrew, big ass seagull, cute dog at the cafe, coffee and nature.

Hope you all are doing great. Last quarter of this year. Time to get all your sh*t together and finish strong 🙂 Or at least that’s my plan. You have one?

Kisses, Puma

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This year was a challenge and it ain’t over yet. Staying locked up at home, working from home, ensuring safety…

Let’s hope everything is back to normal by the end of the year and that is the end of year i am hoping for.


Yeah, I’m hoping there’s an end to this asap! Crazy times! Hope you are well Dwayne 🙂

Hugs, Puma


That Covid isnt true! They faked everything! The statistic where distored, the testing shows positiv for everything but it cant show what you have. I talking about the pcr test of course. The creator of that test Kary Mullis who recived a nobel prize said it doesnt work on infectioues diseases. You only get a RNA sequence that can be everything. Masks dont work, as social distance. They tried this 100 years ago with the spanish flu. Sick people sat very close to healty one and they exhale to the healthy that inhale the sicks air. They put the sicks snot and saliva and put that in a syringe and inject that in the healthy people. No one got the flu of the healthy people! If people could understand that WHO is corrupt, than it would be easier to see that they want to have everyone vaccinated by Bill Gates vaccine.


Fantastiskt vackra och underbara bilder på dig Puma Swede

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