Haven’t checked in here for a bit as I’ve been busy being productive on some other things. Even though I always have the feeling of ‘I could or should do more’, I like how things have been going lately. I’m working on a new project now. It’s something entirely different and new for me. I hope to include it here on my blog so you can follow my progress 🙂 Been filming for it as I hope to document my results on video.

My choice of relaxing after work is going to the beach, and Puerto Rico has a lot to offer. Here are pics from one of my favorite beaches here, Playa Piñones, with my favorite Russian and Frenchie 🙂 Even threw down a couple of squats and push-ups just to show off…

The second time with Masha that we’ve gotten a flat-tire on the way home. Luckily there was a shop really close, and 10 minutes later we rolled out with a brand new tire!

When I just want a quick dip, I walk down to the lagoon in the middle of the city here. No waves and perfect spot to read and relax. Or just float around in between a set of giant lips lol…

Shot a bunch and I think my favorite was playing a maid. Not to be confused that I’d actually be a good maid, just great at playing one 😉

And variety makes it more fun. Got a favorite?

Been consistent with the gym too. A bit hard to work out with a mask on, but I rather do that than not be able to work out at all… If I could by gains off Amazon I would lol 😉

Got to make sure to indulge in those calories & carbs too. Favorite spot for weekend brunch is Tostado. These pumpkin pancakes with all of the extras check the requirements on the nutrition list – NOT! But soooo goooood!

Other than beaching, creating content, and working out I’ve finished 2 books. Since I love reading and have read some other great books, I’ll make it my priority to include them in my next post here 🙂

Oh, also cops came by us twice. We usually keep the front door open to let air in, and all of a sudden 2 cops in full gear appeared at the door. They were looking for someone named Jose, that’s supposed to live at our address. Told them no Jose here, and they left. The next day 2 other cops show up asking for Jose again. Still no Jose and since then, no more cops… Puh, thought they were finally coming to get me 😉

Some leftover pics. I got a salmon cooking and got to eat, so adios for now 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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I really don’t know, if my replay has been processed, and boxed in your blog. I rewrite it, hoping it will reach, you.
I must admit, I’ve robbed, a very beautiful photo, of you; to warm my lonely dreams. I’ m a night-and-day dreamer.
Sometimes I enter the blog of my favourites. Very emotional! Been caught stealing images. Is this a crime? Will I be
stabbed – like the cat stepping in – by the many?. Don’t worry, just a far fan. Call me the far manufacturer, if you don’t mind. Honestly, just admitting my booty. I’ll destrroy your photo back, in case you do not desire, to be overwatched
nowhere. Otherways, an old admirer, from Italy-Venice. If I’ll refall, in the same error, I’ll admit again, my secret fault.
All the best to you. My sincere sorrows, for your’s mother’s last breath. I’ve an old mother, me too, she is 90y.o.
Sorry, if for reason of , discretion, I do not give my website. It is not available, yet. Working in progress. Bye Bye.


Naaah, keep enjoying the photo of me 🙂 Happy to have you as an admirer and remember to kiss your mom and tell her how much you love her 🙂
Hugs, Puma


Hi Puma, it’s nice to see that you are back home again after your trip to Sweden & the tragic event with your mom.I wish you well with yur new adventure & hope to read more about it in the future. Until then, stay safe, enjoy life & never change( you are very unpredictable -in a good way).


Thank you Danny 🙂 Too late to change now. Like they say – can’t teach old dogs to sit, hahahhaaaa…
Hope you are doing good too and enjoying life!

XXX Puma


Hej Johanna!
Det är farligt att träna med mask! Kroppen behöver syre, mycket mer när du tränar! Det är dags du börjar använda den viktigaste musklen i kroppen, hjärnan! Här är en tysk neurolog som kommenterar om bruket med att använda mask och dess faror!
Kram Dennis
P.s Jag älskar dig i den svarta outfiten!



Joo, men alternativet ar att inte trana alls. Sa jag lider lite i det tysta och hoppas att jag inte ska tuppa av hahahaaaa… Jag gillar oxa den svarta outfitten sa vi har bra smak 🙂


Men att acceptera en ansiktmask som inte funkar mot det de påstår och dessutom ger skador på person pga mindre syreupptag samt koldioxidförgiftning är att godkänna en diktatur. Här är en länk där en allians av läkare, professorer, forskar etc har skrivit ett öppet brev om felaktighetern med denna så kallade “pandemi” och varför det är en vanlig influensa etc…:
Kram Dennis
P.s Jo, vi har samma bra smak i mycket. Vi gillar samma ställning etc.



Looking forward to seeing what this new project is. Feel free to let me in on the surprise, I can keep a secret 😉

Also curious what this Jose guy has done 😂


Not sure what Jose has done. Asked if I should be worried that he shows up, but the cop just shrugged his shoulders hahahahhaa… Could also be that our Spanglish conversation was a bit lost between us… Surprise soon to be revealed 🙂


I’ll keep my eyes peeled for ness on the surprise and Jose 🙂😂


Kom hem genast. Här är det fantastiskt väder. Regn och blåsigt.
Kom på nån bra anledning så jag MÅSTE åka och hälsa på.


Kom hit sa kan vi svettas tillsammans och ata bjornar hahahhaaaaa…

Ses snart *%$#_



looks like you are having the time of your life

the boat trip looks like a lot of fun


Ooops! I must admit, another robbery.Yesterday night, I’ve been, for the second time, compelled to commit a night crime. It is a kind of irresistable compulsion. I’m a serial photos grabber. Definely!. I don’t want, my son, and daughter, living in the Staates to know this ashamed aspect of my life. They’re drummers, like me, and I’ve been , and I’m, their guiding light, in a far stary sky. Say a word of reproach, and I’ll turn back my heels, to the nothingness of the dark. Or forgive me, this time too, By the way you’re tring to mend an old jeans. You’d like to create a fashionable line. To destroy blu jeans, to maake them older, for fashion, is a neverending aim, of any blu jeans ‘lover. I remember a song, child, : America…America….aaa, I love my way to America. Just need a pair of blue jeans, and the happyness is gotten. Definely! Good luck for your evergreen ideas. Trying to please you, to avoid to be figuratively jailed – as you know there are the existing prisons, for existing inmates, with existing wardens; and as much, figurative ones for absconded figures, sentenced, and not, waiting the passing of the time and the erasure of their crimes, by it. This will be my, by mistall, penalty! At all!! Anyhow, trying to move you, to be sincerely forgiven, I’ve red, what you proved, the first night, alone. There’ll be no more, her hands to search, in a moment of bewilderment, but her voice, having the first honor sit, in every life’ show. Be me, be you, understand, understate! Her carnal presence is disappeared; she will be the angel, suggesting you every direction; whispering, any solution; able to be again the sweet mama, that she hasbeen. While, I write down these words, Idon’t know, if, my mother is still alive, in her bedroom. Moving to the bathroom, for the nightly we we, I’ll watchfull, if she is phisiologically breathing. Will be beautiful to cry.!!. By the way, I’d like to be in America by now, to search my old companion, Geremy, the chief of the pilgrim fathers. He is a clearvoyant, able to foresee. It is said, that, when the Mayflower, with 250 fathers, reached the coasts of the new world, where the destiny was waiting them, to found America; he was smiling. And all the others sked him, why?? Geremy, what you see? He answered them: I see what you see. But was not true. He was foreseeing the skiyline of the nowaday’s Manhattan. And then, beeing him the sage man he was: Geremy, how we’ll survive, on this virgin land? He, promptly rebated, and staated: as usual, my dear friends, with the help of God. And all, of course with the God’s help. The oath of President of U.S. So,, my dear, blogger, I hope I’ve gained your clemency, another time. But, remember, next one, do not hesitate, to life-imprisoni me. And, furthermore, if the postman will be strangely another fellow, and will ask you: have, you got a pen? don’t bother; do not make him enter the door! Especially, if he smiles. He is, problably Geremy, entering underhandly, to rescue me. All the best. I’ll get off this illness very soon. Bye.

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