…Tulum, Mexico. As usual I have too many pictures I need to go through, but will tell you all about my trip in next post 🙂 The week before Mexico we went sailing on a big sail boat. Or at least it felt big 🙂 We had a wooden sail/motor boat when I was a kid. I loved being out on the ocean, but hated scraping the fish eggs off the hull when you stored it in winter. This was a more modern sailboat and I even got to attempt to sail it. It ended up making a 360 degree loop that was called something similar to ‘the -ultimate – failure’ in sailor terms…

I left the sailing to the owner of the boat and did what I do best 😉

I now put ‘living/cruising’ on a boat for a longer time on my bucket list. Someone else obviously driving the boat and navigating or f*ck knows where in the world I’d end up hahhaaaaa… I could also settle for driving around somewhere in an RV and living in it for a time. I know I could navigate that with Google maps at least 🙂

Grabbed a taco dinner with the Russian & Frenchie!

Shot my share of fantasies, custom videos and whatever else came to my mind 🙂

Had to snap a couple of pics when I’m dressed in something else besides lingerie or a bikini. I think my ratio on wearing bikinis/lingerie vs regular clothes is about 50/50.

Thought I’d start working outdoors at least once a week. Work on those gains and tan at the same time. And I got this cool green spectator too…

I remember I promised to write about some books I have read. I’ve been a bit obsessed with the books by Tim Dorsey. I love the main characters Serge A. Storms and Coleman. They are hilarious and they’re kind of the male versions of Thelma & Louise, but funnier. But now I’ve decided to take brake from them and read some other stuff. All the books below I rate 4/5 Pumas!

Read these in Utah. Lonesome Dove – WOW! If you want a great western, this is it! I almost put it down though cause it was so slow in the beginning. Then I googled reviews and they said to give it 100 pages and you’d be hooked. So true and I ended up loving this book! 5/5 Pumas!

I read Charles Bukowski’s, Post Office, in one day. It just felt amazing that the main character – Henry Chinaski, kept on trudging through his days when it all just seemed so hard and hopeless. But I really enjoyed the writing and cheered for Henry. 4/5 Pumas!

An other book on the funny side – Me Talk Pretty One Day. Short stories from David Sedaris’ life that are written funny and makes you laugh. Not as funny and dirty as Chelsea Handler’s books, but I give it 4/5 Pumas.

This one, The Hard Goodbye by Chris Miller, I just recently finished. Super good plot, exciting read and you want to keep reading. The writing was a bit simple and cliche at some points though, so I only give 3,5/5 Pumas.

Another great book by Dennis Lehane – Since We Fell. It’s not one of his highest rated books, but I really liked it. Actually this is the 2nd time I read it, because I forgot I read it once before. There are some good twists and there could be a bit more action, but still 4 out of 5 Pumas 🙂

Interesting read – Open Borders by Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith. It’s like a comic book layout and gives good points about the possibility of open borders. As one review about the book points out – ‘Open Borders makes the case for unrestricted immigration easy to follow and hard to deny.’ I think this would be a great book for the decision-makers in Sweden to read and get some clues from 😉 4/5 Pumas.

Ordered a bunch of new books and just started reading The Boy from the Woods by Harlan Coben. A very good start so far 🙂

Gonna eat something else besides tacos now and enjoy the rest of my Sunday. Hope you are doing the same!

Kisses, Puma

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Hej vackra sexiga Johanna! Många bra bilder på dig som väcker ens aptit! Det blir mycket snuskiga tankar om dig! Om jag ska välja favorit bilden, vilket var svårt, så blir det när du sitter på balkongräcket med en gör snygg vit blus och bruna shorts eller är det en kort kort kjol?
Sköt om dig!
Kram Dennis


Good morning Puma, I am amazed at the volume of books you read. You read more in a month than I do in a year! I did read a Tim Dorsey book thanks to you (Great). Did you ever read the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson-truly Excellent ! I assume it’s back to the sewing machine now to progresss your new project. The pictures are great & your latest pinned picture on Twitter just ROCKS. Stay well & safe.All the best from me in Lockdown France.( Now training indoors on my new Bike Trainer-super workouts !!).


Glad to see you enjoyed Lonesome Dove and The Hard Goodbye. Love the monkey on the cover.

Looks like you got a lot of reading in!


I think you’re the one that I found out about the “The Hard Goodbye”. I love the cover
as I am a person who likes the cover to be great 🙂

XXX Puma

I remember speaking to you a while back. You said you were going to give it a try 🙂 x



The fun and adventurous person you are, you should be awesome as a host of a travel show. You can post it in your revamped YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to thank me if you do decide to post videos of your blog in YouTube channel. I am not complaining about reading and viewing photos in your blog but it would be fun to watch your travel blog 😁


Heeey, I love to shoot on my travels. The only thing that is hard is the editing.
I really don’t like it and it’s very time consuming for me 🙁 In other words, I’m bad at it, hahhaaaaa…
I’ll make sure to remember to thank you if I ever launch a travel show 🙂

All the best, Puma


You should watch the Bukowski documentary “Born Into This”


Thank you for the tip and I’ll look it up for sure!

XXX Puma


My dear blogger, this night I ‘ve not robbed any photo , of you. Magically healed of compulsion, but in contrition, for my mothers ‘death. I was waiting this moment, like nothing else, and now , my first lover, has gone away, for a better life. The first thinking, , in my head, while the hospital attendance, where, bringing my mom, on the sick-chair, to.the first aid; wawing her, in the condo’ stairway; the song of the English singer Donovan: alone again, naturally. She has died, during the way, the head, and then the body; her heart, has stopped beating, and to pump blood.. As in the song: when she passes away, I cried all the day,; alone again, naturally. I haven’t found. one of my replyto your blog. Never mind! I’ve proved, what you prooved. Now I’m a free man. No parental’s obligations.. I’m like Marlon Brando,:in The formule, the movie. II’d like to escape, but the responsibiliity, is always Keeping me somewhere, where I’m liable, to be. I’ve seen that you love boating. I’d like to invite, you for a cruise, in one of my best vessel ” The Maltese Falcon, but for the reasons explained above, are just a dream my vessels, and to take the sea, and sail, is to dream, while walking the heart. As I’ve been operated for heart attack, three years ago; having an american device, to help my left-ventricle, to give blood to my body; to sail, for a globe sailing, or to race, in the ocean will be a far satisfaction and will remain, as such. I prefer, Alexander, was a passenger’ ship, lenght 400 ft, but it has a hospital, in case of need, and the elicopter for emergency, I could sail, with Al… a mile behind, and moving, tenders, or elicopter, to first aid me. I feel very well. I think this is the minor healthattack, to avoid the worse. I’m 61 years old, and a problem, in my dangerous life, is welcome. So, I’ve paid the devil its due, as it said. See Yacht AlexanderLubecker werfen, in youtube.In case I’ ll meet a merrymaid, riding thee wawes, you’ll be my V.I.P. guest, for a date. So, no more the far manufacturer; The nighter; the compelled robber. Now, I’m, what I am. And the train, will never stop there anymore. Be careful, my old companion, Geremy, is there around. Is able of every disguisement. He just fears Chuck Norris, cause is a great ranger. I’ve seen a serial movie, he has been able, almost to arrest him. refugeed in an old house. Reading, and feigning to be an old man.But, no catch him.Thanks, a lot, my dear blogger. Best wishes to you. Sincerely.

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