It is a couple of weeks late, but here is a report from my trip to Tulum. I have to say it reminds me a lot of Canggu in Bali, but 10 times more pricey. It felt a little ridiculous to pay $20 for 3 tacos with barely any toppings in Mexico… the land of tacos! Heading into Tulum city though, 20-30 min in a cab from the beach, and you get the best street tacos for 30 cents! We stayed in an Airbnb by the beach on the strip where all of the hotels and restaurants are. The beaches where super nice even though we had a lot of rain.

We arrived on Halloween, downed some food & Tequila, and went to a party. Me as Mia Wallace and Andrew as Vincent Vega 🙂

The next day was pretty much spent recovering on the beach with Sangria 🙂

I love Mexican food, and here are my top picks if you’re heading to Tulum:

Breakfast at Real Coconut Tulum. All gluten-free place with everything cooked in coconut oil and a beautiful ocean view.

Right across from our place, there was this great little spot – Los Bowls de Guadalupe. Super good bowls and smoothies, and perfect to watch people stroll by 🙂

Lunch at Frescos. Wow, the ceviches and fried crab tacos!

Like I said, the street vendors in Tulum City have the best street tacos! They didn’t have any by the beach, but you find them in the city.

Also in the city was the best coffee place Ki’Bok Coffee. Tried other places too, but this was the best if you’re into specialty coffee. They had great food and wifi so you can work there.

While in the city, eat at Humo. Nice atmosphere and good food. And drinks 🙂

When it comes to dinner, in the city, definitely try Tu. Wow, the food and drinks! Last pic of me when I’m stuffed and semi drunk after trying too many things off the drink list hahhaaaaa…

By the beach I liked Casa Banana. Big portions and tasty. I did take a pic of my whole grilled fish, but it doesn’t do this place justice, so I spare you of the dead fish pic…

And they have the best bread/bakery shops. Me at night suffocating myself with a chocolate croissant yummy!

Talking about pictures. I found this awesome photographer in Tulum and we went out shooting one day. I wish I always looked this good for real 🙂

One other popular thing in Tulum is yoga. Dozens of places. This one was at a fancy spa called Yäan Wellness. Ashleigh and I did some down-dogs and felt relaxed and yogi-ish after. Great place!

Saved one of the best things for last. Booked a Mescal tasting with a 3-course dinner through Airbnb. WOW! Hosted by a couple at their house and the food and Mescal was just so good! If you want to book, they are also on IG @cocina.selva. Oh, they had a couple of super friendly dogs too that chilled with us 🙂

Here comes some more random pics of heavy rain, me, more me, cute dog at the airport, cute cat at a restaurant, me and some more randomness 🙂

That’s about it from Tulum. I do believe I’ll go stay in Mexico City next year for a couple of months 🙂

Adios, Puma

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Hej sexiga Johanna! Ser trevligt ut på bilderna! Blir svårt att koncentrera sig att läsa efter din första bikini bild på stranden! Dina bikini bilder är fantastiska! Jag har svårt att läsa när allt mitt blod går från hjärnan och neråt…hehe… Den blå bikinin är rätt mängd för dig men gillar stark den första bilden.
Kram Dennis


Hello Puma, thank you for such great pictures & your appreciation of Tulum-it sounds like a place one must visit.That said, I must admit that Andrew is a very lucky man….Will you be traveling to Sweden for Christmas? Stay well !


Wow this is a long post but I’m sure u left out a lot of stuff. You should think about my suggestions 😁

keep posting, keep exploring and having fun


Hello! Very charming photos, of you in Tulum. What a pity! I’m no more compelled to rob images. My hands, are no more shiveringI. My breath, is no more tachi.., for compulsive effect. Normobreath. No anxiety. I feel well. I don’t need to grab photos, from the blogs. I must admit, that Andrew, is a very lucky man . I remember, when I was a young drummer, with my Emerson Lake and Palmer’band. We’re playing this song “a lucky man”. See in you tube, me in Montreal stadium; just click Fanfare for the common man – Em..Lake..and Palmer. I’ve been substituted, many times by friends drumers, cause entangled with money accumulation. And, for saving my money, sent in war wherever it took. The neverending war for money, as you know, needs you as a soldier.A military. Speaking of Mexico, you know thta the most beautiful home, considered as such, 40 years ago, was in Acapulco, still belonging to me.You should see it.. Now the marvellous Acapulco, is no more the center of the world, cause, as you know, the new people renewed for living this planet, change their preferences. I’ve never been in Tulum; but watching your amazing snapshots, must be a very beautiful place. I feel all of a shake. But no more the far manufacturer! The nighter. I’m completely healable in few days. .Now you’re no more a daughter, me, no more a son. We’re what we are.. Forever. Many compliments for your elder-young body. All the best, sweedenly. Max.


The food looks amazing! Mexico is on my travel list, even more so after seeing some of these dishes 👌

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