…before Christmas Eve. I’m in Sweden now and we expect Santa Claus to show up tomorrow, the 24th! Since it’s a well known fact that Santa is from Korvatunturi in Finland, he probably handles the Nordic countries before he deals with the rest of the world 😉 OK, before I jump to Christmas, I’ll share some Puerto Rican happening first… I just haven’t had the time between Tulum and Sweden.

We were all very grateful for good health and delicious food on Thanksgiving. Oh, it was nice to dress up a little too and be a bit fancy-pants for once. We ate at the restaurant 1919 at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. One of my favorite meals is always a beef tartar and this one was superb! Sat outside after taking in the views of the ocean and big waves.

Since the gyms in PR now only are allowed to run at a 30% capacity, we taken to work out in the park. It’s sunny pretty much 360 days of the year in PR, you always get to work on your gains (and tan) in the sun. I also enjoy the big lizards that come really close to inspect on you.

By chance I also came across a yoga studio. I really liked when we did yoga in Mexico and I am always in the need of more mobility and stretching. A very chill place with great people. In some places people are so advanced, standing on their heads and shit, I feel like I’m there by a mistake. This place suits me perfect as it mostly pretty basic yoga moves and no one asks me to stand on my head!

Rented paddled boards one day too and went out on the lagoon. I love the Puerto Ricans who strap coolers and containers on their boards and then have a picnic on the water. One day I will try this out with a pizza and a couple of local Medalla beers! A couple will be enough or I’ll fall off the board 🙂

Of course there’s not a week without me creating content.

Sometimes I’m bad at exploring the places closest to me. Always think I have to cross the globe to find something new and exciting. Took a walk and never knew there was a beautiful walkway around the fort in Old San Juan. WOW. The best part is that there are so many cats there. A local cat sanctuary feeds them here and some of them are super friendly and come up to you. I wish I could take them all home with me!

Since I was in this exploring mood, we also tried a new restaurant close to us where we’ve never been. It’s called Jungle Bird and it’s this funky little place. They always update their menu, hence the menu written on boards they bring to you. Same with the drinks, so you most likely get to try something new if you go back. I definitely will 🙂

Couple of more selfies. Can’t waste the opportunity when you got your face paint on 🙂

It’s been busy days here in Sweden. Shooting for the new project which we plan to launch fully in January. More info coming, but please follow us on Instagram ~ @pussitive_

Will try to squeeze in one more post before 2020 ends. I had a week in LA before Sweden, some Christmas pics and probably some other randomness 🙂 Now off to get in Xmas spirit 🙂

Wish you all the very best! Stay naughty cause it’s so much more fun 😉

Kisses, Puma

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