How’s your Christmas going? Did Santa bring you anything? Or did you surprise someone with an awesome gift? I had a mellow Christmas Eve with my sister, nephew and a couple of other people. Since couple of years ago, we’ve decided on no gifts. Just to enjoy each others company and to stuff ourselves with good food 🙂

Last minute shopping for snacks…

Here is a short recap from my 1 week stop in LA before I continued to Sweden. I always stay there with one of my best friends – Sandy. I love her kids and family and always say they are my extra family. One of my constant companions when I was at their house was Snoopy. Nothing better than waking up to a dog breath on your face hahhaaaa… Fluffy is the little white dog respecting private space.

Threw in some work too. Perfect when you’re bestie is a superb make up artist and makes you look 10 times the better version of yourself 🙂

Even though we had a busy schedule, we managed to squeeze in a couple of hikes, walks and a couple of squats and push ups. I’ve realized that with kids you need to plan your time. Can’t just take off when you feel like it. They need to be fed and stuff… I think I’ll just rent my friends kids per hour if I ever feel I need some kids in my life hahhaaaa…

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

While I was in LA they enforced stricter restrictions and pretty much everything closed down. I really wanted to fix my hair and had booked an appointment. Salons closed down though, but luckily Joan could come to the house and fix me up.

Last day, when I’m ready to head to the airport, we finally snap a selfie together with Sandy. We laughed cause we been together pretty much 24/7 and not taken even one pic of us together. Thankfully there is Snapchat filters. I was pretty worn out after a week of playing with Barbies and doing more in a day than I do in 3 days in Puerto Rico lol.

Got a ride from Sandy and the kids to the airport. It’s always sad to hug and say good bye. Always wish we had a week or 2 more together. Hopefully not too long before I go visit my LA family again though 🙂

Got a meeting now and then a dinner with friends tonite. Hope you are in a festive mood and here’s a holiday kiss coming your way 🙂


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Hi…..dear sweedy. Me…. the Covider. How simple irresistable, you are. How far, those nights desperately smoothed by compulsion. Searching, in the virtual world, of the enticing web, a cyberlover. Completely healed, even if, your pics, are very interesting, and worth to be stolen. My Merry Christmas, and Happy new year. I hope, you’re facing the urgency, standing up, stronger.” If the Death will come; will find me alive!! “The world seems to be suspended. The time has not a clock! The clock has not an announcing bird, ;to cucu. And, not a pocket has a bottom. just the dark abyss, and dark shells hard to bring them up to surface. But, we’ll do our best, tomorrow, as always, since ever, to defend our world, and to make the youngers live it , like we did. You have been in Sweden, for Christmas. Good idea. A so far place; more far then what is it. Nothern people. Calm!! Silent!! Opportune. I remember the first sweeden movie I saw – a child – The sevennth seal – ; a whitehaired man, playing the checkmate, on the beach’sand, vs, The Death, a man black disgiused, with a sickle on its shoulders. I asked myself: what a people is this, so different from the usual movies, I was passionately watching. So deep in the meaning. Are we, now still playing that game. Who will chessmate the other? Don’bother. Late in thhe night I became thoughtful, and I wonder. The oncoming, new year, wiill be so full of events; the mankind will renew its spirit; which one, the confusion had stifled. We’ll die all, companions of this adventures; or brothers, again, in a free way. The Land’ s end may wait. A couple of days, weeks, months, years, centuries, moments. I wish you a warm dreaming night. The wilder, in the wild.


Happy New Year to you too and let’s make death wait for a little longer 🙂

XXX Puma

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