How has 2021 started out for you? I hope you’re off to a flying start 🙂 I’m very happy to be back in PR after Sweden. Warm weather (perfect temperature right now), sun and it doesn’t get pitch black at 3pm! The first thing I did when I got back was going to the beach and swimming in the ocean!

My New Years Eve was very chill with a touch of jetlag. Took a walk around the lagoon first. I guess wind was blowing 2020 out of the way…

Spotted this amazing iguana eating something…. It’s on my bucket-list to befriend one of these and feed it!

Had to take a nap in the middle of the day so I wouldn’t feel like a granny and pass out before midnight hahhaaaa… My friend Sandy posted this one on IG and it’s too accurate!

Cooked lobster and gambas for dinner. It was soooo good and I think I’ll splurge on a lobster more often from now on 🙂

So all in all, life is muy bueno in Puerto Rico 🙂 But Christmas in Sweden was great too! Except for the grey and rainy weather and it getting dark at 3pm. One of my favorite spots when in Sweden, is a cafe called Lisas Grabb. Everything is baked fresh in the morning and the saffron ‘semlas’ are the best! Linda and I literally stuffed our faces!

Loved spending time with my sister!

We didn’t just drink and look alike. We also worked hard on Pussitive (IG @pussitive_). We did a photoshoot with this great Swedish guy, Peter Englund. He is very creative and makes clothes himself, so it was like playing around in a grown-ups playhouse. A couple samples of our stuff…

And I played around in some of the gowns Peter has created too.. wow! Just need to get invited to a premier now!

On the 25th we finally got snow in Stockholm! We had decided to take a walk and burn off a couple of calories after devouring all the Xmas foods. Love when it snows like this! Even though I could barely see hahahaaa…

When in Sweden I usually give my wrinkles a fight too. Get in my face Botox!

Put some curlers in one night in case I got invited out. But no one called so stayed home with curls…

Finished a couple of books too during the holidays. First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. 1st book was just OK, but got more exciting in the end. Book 2 & 3, very good. If anyone else read these, did you notice that there were a lot of people being chopped in half from their head down to their waist? Pretty gory at times, but I tend to like that 🙂 Can recommend these…

Bought Kepler’s ‘Spegelmannen’ in Sweden. They usually appear in English too. Very exciting crime/thriller/suspense books and I read all of their books. It’s a couple who writes them together…

That’s it for now. This week I will be caching up on my shoots, working on Pussitive, get back to working out, ugh… I’m already in pain after one workout in the park on Monday hahhaaaa.

Laters, Puma Swede

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Så grym du är Puma Swede bara älskar att se dig


Så underbar du är så härligt att se dig gymma ute bara älskar dig TR


Hej Puma Swede vad duktig du är och grym på att träna men det syns du har en sån fantastiskt underbar kropp härliga bilder på dig ha det så gott m.v.h Tomas R


Tackar tackar och gor det lite lattare att trana nar man gor det ute i solen 🙂

XXX Puman


Jealous of your weather. It was minus 4 degrees Celsius yesterday in England.

I loved the Abercrombie books. Glokta being one of my favourite characters. I also though Cosca was a fun character 🙂


Sending some virtual sun to you from PR 🙂 Yes, loved Glokta and Cosca too. So many great characters!

Stay warm!


Hej Puma swede vinter bilderna som du är med på när är det och är det när du är i Stockholm ser riktigt härligt ut jag brukar vara i Stockholm hälsa på släkten så får kolla in när du är där så får jag bjuda på en eller några koppar kaffe vore trevlig. ha det så gott många kramar från Tomas Rask


Hej Johanna! Dig mellan två lakan – inget slår det! Ha en god fortsättning vackra, heta Johanna!
Kram Dennis


Hej Johanna
när kommer du till Sverige igen och Stockholm så man vet när man ska åka upp för att få träffa dig
kanske kan ta en eller flera koppar kaffe inte fel bra början
Ha det så bra!..
m.v.h Tomas R

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