…into 2021. How’s it going? I’ve kept being very productive which I’m happy about. I also made a resolution to try new spots here in Puerto Rico. So far I’ve tried 2 new restaurants, 1 new bar, and finally went to the Puerto Rican Art Museum.

The Art Museum is really close and so cool. Can’t believe I haven’t made it there before. So worth a visit if you’re in town!

Pretty cool to see this Miss Universe thing at the Museum as well. I loved watching Miss Universe as a kid. I even had some thoughts that I might win the crown myself one day. Always dream big hahhaaaaa… According to the note here, Puerto Rico has had 4 Miss Universe titles. I just Googled it too and PR has actually won 5 titles! “The Miss Universe pageant began in 1952 and since then Puerto Rico has had 21 representatives classify in the finals, including 5 winners, 8 runners-up, 6 finalists and 2 semi-finalists. With 5 wins, Puerto Rico is the third country with the most wins behind USA (8 wins) and Venezuela (7 wins)”

A lot of shooting! Found an amazing photographer to shoot some Pussitive stuff. Waiting to get more pics, but here’s a couple.

Too bad there’s not always a pro photographer around. Sometimes you just have to do with yourself and a self timer! (And a couple of filters…)

And then there are the pics with less clothing and more “action”…

Still working out in the park. It’s going to be hard to go back to working out indoors. But when it gets hotter it will be nice when they blast that AC! Masha the Russian is a yoga pro and I try my best to even reach my big toe!

One of my favorite things here in Puerto Rico is all the animals you see out. On our street there is a cat lady. She has about 15 cats. They are always peeking down at you. The lady always explains to me which cat is mom to who, which ones are brothers etc… My favorite is this white one. Pretty sure it’s a mom… Or a sister… Or is this one a male?

And our next door neighbor has a cat too now. His name is Caramelo.

Took a new found friend on the walk around the fort the other day. There were so many iguanas! Never seen so many in one day. Obviously I tried to make them come to me and just as obviously they didn’t give a shit about me!

As much as I love animals, I wasn’t impressed finding this one in the bathroom one night! I never seen a spider this big here in Puerto Rico! Saw them in Bali, but didn’t know there are spiders like this one here.

My new found friend, Annie, took me to a bar I’ve never been to after our walk around the fort. It’s in Old San Juan and called The Canon Club. Really cool place and the drinks were great! There’s canons, parrots, a pool and they sometimes have bands playing there. Actually went there last night too because it’s just that great of a place 🙂

Me before The Canon Club and all the drinks… I could still stand and sit straight LMAO 😉

This is my shoe after last nigh…

Always reading and finished A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. This is an amazing book! One of the best/well written books I ever read. It just makes you feel so good! Read it!

What else? Oh, went to the tailor who helps me with the Pussitive clothing. Our communication is pretty limited because his English and my Spanish aren’t great. But we manage and I understood when he offered me a shot of these homemade Dominican specialties. I chose the one with bark inside and my throat burned the whole walk home. Need to get a bottle hahhaaaaa…

That’s about it. Taking and making a mini vacation next week. Trying out a nice hotel and (road) tripping a bit 🙂

All the best, Puma

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just like fine wine, you are awesome, especially your feet, including the calluses.


That spider is huge … I think I’d just write a contract out stating the bathroom belonged to it now 😂

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