I’m continuing to explore Puerto Rico. On my wishlist has been staying at Royal Isabela hotel. I finally booked 2 nights there and all I can say… WOW! The hotel has 20 freestanding casitas and a private beach you can hike down to. My favorite thing to do was to wake up in the morning, sit in my private backyard, drink coffee, and watch the ocean.

On the second morning when tanning by the pool this lizard came strolling by. He drank out of the pool and then strutted along… Maybe my naked butt offended him hahahaaa…

The beach was a 10 minute hike down. It’s a 2 mile long beach and I never saw any other people there. This place is paradise on earth! There were enough Kodak photos ops of the ocean, waves, and palm trees for a lifetime. I tried creating Sports Illustrated photos while wrestling a giant palm leaf… Very fabulous if I may say so myself!

A couple of more pics. The restaurant at the hotel was pretty good too. Great views over the hotels’ golf course, and me throwing down some poses, nothing new there 🙂 Maybe just the new bikini which was probably more suitable to fit a Barbie than a human!

I liked it so much that when checking out, I asked for the next availability. They are very booked, but I got 2 nights in March!

After Isabela we drove down to Rincon. Booked a great Airbnb spot there. Rincon is a chill beach town and supposed to have great surfing if that’s what you’re in to. Found this little farm-to-table spot called Sana and the food was soooo good! I’d eat here every day if I could!

Checked out town at night. Tried a restaurant, but it just felt overrated and overpriced so not going to mention it.

In the morning this cat was peeking in to the airbnb apartment. Me running over instantly offering cuddles, but it mostly seemed to want food… Or maybe he just checked out the weirdo human posing in front of the mirror hahhaaaa….

A new taste experience last week was at a new restaurant that just opened up here in San Juan. Triple WOW on the experience! It’s called Orujo, Taller de Gastronomia. The chef comes out and welcomes you like you’re at home. There’s no menu and he doesn’t tell you how many dishes he’ll serve. Something between 14-20 he said. He told us the story about how he and his wife started serving food to friends first, and how they ended up here with this restaurant. All the dishes were incredible and I will definitely eat here again! My food photography is not the best so check out their IG @orujotaller to see all the cool stuff they make! There’s a pic of baby eels I thought was noodles, until the chef pointed out the ‘noodles’ had tiny eyes!

Read a great classic book and I can see why it’s a famous. “The Day of the Jackal” by Frederick Forsyth. Such an exciting read about how this man was planning to execute the president of France. The planning, details, police work, suspense… If you need a great and exciting book, this is it.

Talking about books. Not sure you know I wrote a book? “My Life as a Pornstar”. Great read if you ask me, hahahaaaa… You can get it on Amazon as a paperback or the Kindle version. I also now signed a deal for it to be released as an audiobook in Finnish too 🙂 Hello, Pulitzer prize anyone?

I have more pics and stuff to write about, but Masha the Russian just called and wants to go paddle-board and I need a tan so bye for now…

Hugs, Puma

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Enjoy your trips and keep posting

what about the youtube channel? is it relaunching soon?


I’m trying to keep up hahaaaa… I realized that relaunching my YouTube is a looot of work. Just don’t have the time right now.
But I keep shooting videos and one day they’ll hopefully find their way to YouTube 🙂

XXX Puma


I just wanted to say a big thank you for following my blog.
I can see the attraction of Pueto Rico, its a very long way from my world, and in these dark days of cold and covid you have provided a warm and enticing read.
Great to see you blogging and looking forward to reading more.
If you ever find yourself east of Europe drop me a line and we could maybe shoot some pictures

(PS I did try to send this via your contact page but it wouldnt send-not sure why but you shoud check the settings I guess)



Love your blog posts! Wish I could write like that, but I guess I compensate with more pics of skin hahahaaaa…
Yes, if I head out your way I’ll let you know. Usually Sweden is my spot, but you never know 🙂 And if you ever venture
out towards the Caribbean, hit me up 🙂

All the best, Puma


Thank you 🙂
If you’ve got it, flaunt it I say.
Your travel tales (tails) brighten up my day-
And the Caribbean is very tempting given the -c degrees outside just now.
take care x

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