…just full of errands and appointments. When it comes to appointments, the only one I enjoy is a massage. I found this lady who massages and kind of puts a healing touch on you. Not sure how I feel about her chakra adjustments, but I let her have a go at it since I like relaxing there for 1.5h every week.

I also made an appointment at a gynecologist. Good to check the “equipment” and get the annual pap smear test for cervical cancer done. As I’m lying in the chair spreading my legs, the male gynecologist looks at me and says; -“I think I know you”… Well, turns out we used to go to the same Crossfit gym. It was a bit strange having a conversation about training while he’s digging between my legs and pointing at the ultrasound hahhaaaaa… I was just happy he didn’t find a baby in there 😉

He was also very pedagogical and even pulled out a vagina model explaining something that I don’t remember any more…

Also went to the dentist and he reported no issues – yay! Still dealing with the DMV and trying to renew my drivers license online, but hopefully I will get it sorted asap.

This week we also launched my new Puma Swede t-shirt line. I love them and there will be more girls and designs coming. If you want your own, visit https://dancebarnaby.com/

Content had to be created… People need to be satisfied 🙂

Hit the park for workouts. I also tried to adjust my eating habits. I think this is the first week in a veeeery long time I’ve gone without eating any chips. I LOVE CHIPS! Even held a bag in my hand in the store yesterday, and then repeated 5 times in my head – “put it back, put it back…” and I left the store without any chips! I just want to get over my habit of treating myself to an overdose of sugar & chips every weekend.

Called Baywatch and suggested they make a Puerto Rican version… Look, I’m ready!

Hope you are doing great wherever in the world you are 🙂

Hugs, Puma

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Nice to hear that Puma is doing well …
I’m waiting for more news and wonderful sessions with pussytive fashion and more ..: D
Your huge fan from Europe!
My girlfriend is watching you too: P


Happy to have you as a fan and give your girlfriend a kiss from me 🙂
Working on the Pussitive website and it should be ready soon 🙂

Kisses, Puma


Good morning Puma, great to read that All is well with you in PR. Your designs are great & I just purchased a T-shirt (same as Andrew’s but different color). I live in France so no idea on the ETA for the pkg. Stay well & keep on rocking LIFE! All the best from La France !


Thank you Danny! Hope you send me a pic rocking your t-shirt 🙂 Hope you are well
too and how are things in France now?

Hugs, Puma

Will do Puma ! As for France, we are very slow in the roll out of the vaccines & have a long way to go before we have protection against the virus & the new strains. Restaurants, gyms, cafes, remain closed though take is possible at restaurants that offer it & coffee shops. It is more than likely that we will face another lockdown in the weeks to come. As for me, I remain healthy and can still work out at my gym ( it remains open among the few in the area but you need a special dispensation from a doctor to workout-not easily gotten).

Ok that said, I wish you continued success with your New Pussitive line & great health for you & those you hold dear to your heart.

A bientôt chère Puma !


Busy week. Glad to hear all is well on the medical side of things

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