Wow, wow, wow, very impressed with Mexico City. Been here just over a week and I’ve only explored about 5% of the areas, restaurants, cafes etc. Every day I mark a new location in my Google maps to see.

The food is amazing! Haven’t had a bad meal here, and I’ve ate things such as street tacos, high-end restaurants, hamburgers, steaks , Thai food, and sushi.

I have about 200 pics of food, but I’ll spare you of those. Just a couple of favorites 🙂

Oh, they suggest grasshoppers on the guacamole here. Not bad when they’re ground up like this…

After reading about grasshoppers and how healthy they are, I bought some from a guy on the street. Only thing was that these were the whole grasshopper in one piece! Didn’t stop me from having them on my eggs in the morning 🙂 Only dared to put on a few though hahahaaa…

I didn’t expect the city to have so many parks and nice walkways. Very enjoyable to walk around and there’s a lot of walking going on!

There’s a lot of dogs here! I love it! Puerto Rico is full of cats, but here everyone has a dog. And they’re welcome in almost everywhere. My favorite dog is Rocco at the CrossFit gym I joined. He just can’t get enough attention. He is very much like me LOL…

And coffee! Endless great coffee places. I have a few favorites and there still are great places I haven’t tried…

Just so many cool places you find when walking around. My favorite way to discover a new city is to walk the streets. Not many people here speak English. I make myself understood with Spanglish and thank heavens for Google translate hahahaaa! Will start my Spanish lessons when my friend from Colombia gets here next week.

Talking about friends, there’s a bunch of them here now and I didn’t even now they were coming. A couple from US/Russia and friends from Puerto Rico arrived the other day. 2 more join us from US/Colombia next week too! Part of the group went to Pujol to try their tasting menu yesterday. It’s supposed to be one of the best restaurants here. We were not that impressed though, even if it was very good. We had to grab food after because we were not full.

That’s it for now. Busy week ahead and more exploring to do, but will try to update again next weekend 🙂

All the best to you!


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