I love Mexico City! It just keeps staying amazing here, and I’ve only managed to cover 10% of everything I want to see and do 🙂

The highlight this week was visiting some markets yesterday. First there was the craft market. Countless skulls and other bits and pieces. Four of us did a challenge. Who could buy the best stuff in 20min with only 200 pesos? You can see it on my IG stories now – @thepumaswede.

Then we hit a food market. WOW! Never thought I’d try eating a scorpion, but I did! Crispy! Not so bad when you washed it down with Mezcal. Obviously had to convince Eliana to have one too, but she just ate it like it was a candy hahahaaa…

I always dreamt about smashing a piñata so when I found them at the market I had to get one! Will fill it up and smash it! Dreams do come true hahahaaa…

I was also encouraged by Kira to make a dance video for her TikTok. I agreed and was soon reminded how bad my coordination skills are and that I posses no rhythm. But it’s a shame if you give up, and we decided that a great spot was in the middle of a crosswalk with The Angel of Independence in the background. Here you go!

Then convinced Annie she needed to join in. Only one movement which was enough for my brain to remember and execute hahahhaaa…

The Angel of Independence, this great pair of wings, and a couple of happy locals 🙂

My goal has been to go to the gym Mon – Fri. I managed 4 days this week. The face of struggle…. At least Rocco rewards with some ear licks after!

I’m not always consuming grasshoppers or cockroaches. Love the food here! There was a tortilla soup in the ceramic doll. Little unclear about what the pandas were up to…

This weeks non TikTok/IG content 🙂

Sitting at yet an other great cafe drinking great coffee and updating you guys on here. Now we’re a total of 9 people here so will send a message out and see if anyone wants to comer with me 🙂 Throwing the few Spanish words I know out there 🙂

Hasta luego!


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I doubt the first words out my lips after eating a scorpion would be ‘muy bien’. Rather you than me!


Hahahaaaa, I was just happy it didn’t taste much and wasn’t mushy. Rather crispy like chips lol 🙂

XXX Puma

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