The highlight of the past week was a road trip to the Popocatepetl volcano, the second highest volcano in Mexico. We had booked a rental car, but that was cancelled a couple of hours before our trip. Apparently there were no cars available. Someone told us this happens a lot, even if you have a booking with confirmation. No worries though, jumped in Uber and 2 hours later we got to the town Amecameca.

Some of us taking the chance to nap on the way there 🙂 Obviously I capture and post that!

Dinner in town with dogs as companions. I always sneak them some food 🙂

Next morning we started early. Town was almost deserted…

After some negotiation with local taxis and drivers we got a deal to go up to the park by the volcano. Perfect weather and clear views. Many trails to choose from and only a small fee to enter the park and hike.

The altitude made it a bit exhausting, even though it wasn’t that hard of a hike. We loved it!

It’s a small town and we hadn’t booked a ride back, so took some time to find an Uber to take us back to Mexico City. Perfect 24h excursion! Hope to do some more hikes while here.

Now taking Spanish lessons from Eliana. Is it really harder to learn when you get older? I feel sorry for Eliana who has to repeat the same stuff like 10 times and next day I ask her again how I say something… And all the conjugations, female and male stuff, puh…

Also reading, Mystic River by Dennis Lehane. I love the movie and the book is really great.

Discovering more coffee places in the city and stumble on random stuff while out walking. Like this ‘shroom’ inspired art installation 🙂

Another class of pole dancing and twerking. Watch the video of the teacher – WOW! I wish I could twerk half as good!

You didn’t think I didn’t work did you?

That’s it for last week. Tonight meeting with a seamstress here to hopefully create more Pussitive outfits 🙂 Twerk class tomorrow and then we’ll see what the rest of the week brings along 🙂

All the best from me to you!

Kisses, Puma

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Dear Puma

A few more posts from Mexico and I’ll know everything about him. Watch out for this volcano .. or it will shoot !!
I mean some pool dance or twerk video with you, but this chick is rocking …
I believe that you will be like that soon too ..
Your photos, as always, the best, I am asking for more …

Be careful 🙂


Så avis på ditt resande 😊 vill oxå ut i vida världen igen.


Never heard of Mystic River, but loved Shutter Island (book and film) by Lehanne

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