My visit to Mexico is coming to an end. Would be even more sad if I didn’t know that I will be back in August 🙂 Tomorrow we are flying to Utan and staying with Ari’s family. Very excited about that since I love being there. More about Utah when I get there 🙂

In my last blog I wrote that I felt better on Sunday. But that was apparently a joke. On Monday I got a stomach flu and pretty much lived in the bathroom. You don’t need more details than that LOL… I tried charcoal powder, oregano oil and some pills from the pharmacy, but nothing helped. Finally called a doctor that gave me some stronger pills and felt better later that day already.

Felt good to emerge back to normal life and be out and about without scouting for a bathroom, just in case hahhaaa…

Also straight back to being a sleazeball!

I met a cool girl named Daniella. She knows all the good spots here and recommended a place name Boxque Teva. Wow, don’t even know how to describe this place. Like a hobbit place for adults in the woods. I felt right at home. Some architect built a bunch of similar houses here and the place is just amazing! 45min from Mexico City and a $10 Uber ride away. If you are here, you must visit this place!

And look at the room we stayed in! Like something out of Red Light District in Amsterdam hahahaaa…

On Thursday morning at 7.30 Daniella came and we did breathing exercises and then cold plunge like Wim Hof. I’ve never been able to stay in more than 20 sec. This time I sat in for 2 minutes! When I was able to relax just a little, it felt OK. But I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to being in ice cold water even though I’m a Finn.

I did enjoy the hot tub better at night time 🙂

I can’t wait to come back here! Here’s their website if you want to book a room or some activities they have 🙂

Also finished this book while sick – ‘Popular Hits of the Show Era’ by Ryu Murakami. Hmm, how to describe it. Violently funny. A male and female gang in Tokyo start killing each other. I thought it was a funny book and can recommend it.

Got our Covid tests done yesterday so we are allowed back in the US. All negative 🙂

Gonna do some shopping today and start packing. And obviously eat tacos 🙂

Stay healthy! Being sick sucks!

Kisses, Puma

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