Been in Salt Lake City in Utah for exactly a week now. I spent a month and a half here last year around the same time and I love it. There’s a crazy heatwave here right now and it’s so hot.

One of my favorite places here is the gym. It’s huge and they have any piece of equipment you’re looking for. Or not looking for… I think this is the gym with the fittest people I’ve ever seen. Very motivating working out being surrounded by massive muscles and 6-packs hahahaaaa… Checking my gains!

My hair needed maintenance badly. Luckily while trying out a new coffee shop, I saw there was a hair salon upstairs in the building. What are the odds that it would be a great salon I thought. Well, after some Googling and reading reviews, I found out it’s rated as one of the best salons in SLC. And even more amazing was that they had a cancellation the next day and I got it! My plan was to just fix the roots, but as usual I got carried away…

What do you think? I love it! If you’re in SLC and need to fix your mane – Tallulah East Collective is the place!

Obviously I needed to capture some pics and video the next day. Nothing better than when the professionals fix your hair and it’s maintenance free for a couple of days. Better take advantage of that…

Also about 25min outside of town, there is this great farm where you can buy great meats, eggs, and raw milk. It’s called Utah Natural Meat & Milk. I like my meat grass-fed and hormone free! Best part was to say hi to the horses on the farm!

What I love the most here is the nature. There’s hikes everywhere and you don’t have to drive far to find a trailhead. Yesterday we hiked to Blood Lake and continued to Lake Lackawaxen. Pretty cool that there’s still snow up in the mountains. It’s a nice and easy trail but some annoying mosquitos around the lakes 🙂

There are so many great coffee shops here. Right now I’m sitting writing to you at The Honeysuckle Coffee Co. Their coffee is the bomb and they bake their own pastries which I can’t resist!

Oh, and if there’s any daddies out there – Happy Fathers Day to you! I’ll keep working for a bit more and I’m thinking about going to buy a Kindle. I love physical books, but with all the moving around, I hate leaving them behind.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and I’m going to leave you with the link to one of the best newsletters I subscribe to – His name is James Clear and he’s written the popular book ‘Atomic Habits’. I haven’t read his book yet, but I love his newsletters.

All the best, Puma

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Du är en av världens hetaste kvinnor och USA ser helt otroligt ut.
Ha en grymt härlig dag Puma!


Tackar, tackar Robin och onskar dig en fantastisk dag tillbaka 🙂

Kram Puman

I discovered your blog Just few minutes ago, I didn’t knew before that you blogging so for me it’s Time to catch up. Have a nice Day.
Yours SilenceAdmirer.

Glad you found my blog and hope you enjoy catching up 🙂

All the best, Puma


Hej super Puman! Finns din avatar bild i helbild? Skulle vilja se hela bilden om det går?
Kram Dennis

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