Just back in Utah from Vegas. So much fun seeing and hanging with my friend Sophie Dee. She picked me up from the airport last week on Thursday. It was pretty much a packed schedule from that point. Since Sophie is a pro, she already had booked a make-up artist to come over and paint our faces before the evening activities.

Before & After. I wish someone could fix my face & hair every morning before I take on the day!

No one told me all the plans and I only packed a carry on. Luckily there was more than enough to choose from in Sophie’s closet. Picked this little number and off we went.

We had dinner at Wally’s Wine & Spirit’s at the new hotel Resort World. Then hit the club AYU. Even though we were outdoors it was so hot! I was very excited to be out and about again so I missed taking any pictures.

Best part of staying at Sophie’s house (besides Sophie) is her 6 cats and 2 dogs. Every morning 1 or 2 cats would jump into bed and cuddle until I let them escape hahahaaa…. Just look on that chokehold I have on the cat in the 2nd pic LOL…

I couldn’t memorize their names so I called all the cats Kit Kat and the doggs were Doggies.

2nd day it was time to shoot. Same great make up artist from Thursday came over and fixed us up. Then the photographer showed up and poses were thrown, backs arched, lips pouted, outfits changed, and awesome pics were taken!

Had time for a quick nap after and then it was time to head out again. Did a lounge at the Cosmopolitan to warm up and then hit Marquee. Even managed to venture into Sapphires for a little bit before heading home.

Spent the 3rd morning and day recovering by the pool. By 3pm it was time for food with this awesomely hot couple at Virgin Hotel. I had one drink and my clothes started slipping hahhaaaaa…

Barely had time to put on another of Sophie’s outfits before it was time to go again. This time to Area 15. Trippy place and just my type of spot! We ate at The Best and got to taste about everything on the menu. WOW! I overdid my eating, but that didn’t stop me from stuffing half the dessert tray in me too!

Perfect to hit the club after and dance. Loved the music!

Then it was Sunday and 4th of July. We spent it at the house with friends and later watched the fireworks at the clubhouse that had a band playing. Pretty exhausted after being out & about, so it was nice to have a chill Monday. Woke up with one of the cats in bed and his cat-butt in my face – thanks!

Also finished ‘Shutter Island’ by Dennis Lehane. I loved the book! Suspenseful and what’s really happening on the island? Then the twist in the end – yes! Just as good as ‘Mystic River’ that I read in Mexico so you want great books – grab these 🙂

Last day in Utah now. Already been out and gotten my lashes filled in. Tomorrow I’m flying back to Puerto Rico so need to arrive in style.

Hope your had a fun 4th of July celebration and that your week taken off great! Safe flying to me tomorrow and catch you from PR 🙂

XXX Puma

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Fabulous Puma in fabulous LV !! What could be better ??


Yeah, Vegas was awesome and I will go back soon I believe 🙂

XXX Puma


Shutter Island … stunning book and a stunning film 🙂


Shutter Island är en allegori på ett djupare plan som läsaren eller tittaren av filmen borde inse. Om inte blir det bara underhållning eller bröd och skådespel som romarna sa… Man tröttnar aldrig på dig Johanna! Snygg och superhet som vanligt!
Sköt om dig!
Kram Dennis


Tackar for komplimangerna Dennis 🙂 Hoppas du har en bra sommar so far!

Kram Puman


Even without makeup you are incredibly stunning.


Thank you very much 🙂

XXX Puma


is the couple in the industry? They both look familiar!

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