…you have a lot to do, but instead you don’t do anything. I know I need to pack stuff up, but instead I just go through things, shuffle them around, and then go and have a coffee. At the same time I know I’m going to be pissed a couple of days before taking off leaving everything to the last minute. I haven’t been totally worthless though. I made 2 runs to the consignment store with stuff and probably threw out 10 big trash bags of junk.

I also want to make sure I have time to enjoy the beach before heading to Mexico City. Went to Piñones twice last week. One of my favorite beaches here in PR. Masha and I went after our workout one morning and there where only 5 other people there.

The next morning I went back with Annie. Guess I was so relaxed I forgot to even take one picture. But I did get a great tan!

I was on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and found a photographer here in PR. Liked his style of pics and after a couple of DM’s we finally shot last week. He also recommended a great make up artist so I just showed up and got taken care of 🙂

A very fun shoot. I like working with people that have humor and like to get creative. Will show you some more pro pics when I get them.

The next day I got emails with my Uber fare there and back. Going there was $74 and coming back less than $10. The driver going there missed an exit and we ended pretty far out and off route. I freaked out a little when I looked at my phone in the car and noticed I was very far off from my destination. With some Spanglish I understood he was waiting to exit and turn around. Luckily I didn’t get chopped up in the jungle this time either! Wrote Uber and they credited me $30. Not good enough. Wrote them back and finally my fare there matched my fare coming back.

Don’t have the luxury to always have a pro make up artist and photographer around. Have to settle for the DIY style at home 🙂

Almost finished with 2 books. Watched more TV the past week. Binge watched the series ‘Euphoria’. Didn’t think I’d like it, but it was great! Can’t wait to see the main character Zendaya in Dune when it’s released.

Also saw a great movie – ‘Another Round’ with Mads Mikkelsen. It’s a comedy drama and I loved it.

Just finished a big cup of coffee while writing this. Now shower and shoot some custom orders. In the afternoon Masha is picking me up and we’re going to some new beach she found 🙂 And I will try to pack a little too even though it’s so boring ugh…

Live it up!

XXX Puma

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This beach looks like a dream. Especially in those photos where you are. Have a nice Day and stay calm 🙂


Yes, the beach is great 🙂 I’m gonna have a day of packing, but I will try to stay calm through it hahhaaaa 🙂

All the best to you, Puma


How delicious you only get huh at your age,hug you girl/ Anki

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