Finally in the new apartment!!! “Efter mycket om och men…” as we say in Swedish. Translation would be something like ‘After a lot of if’s and but’s…’. Different realtors have different requirements when you are not a Mexican resident. Some require extra deposits, guarantors, or in my case, a security check done by a company, insurance in case I take off, and extra rent deposits. Well, I passed the security check and then it came to sign the lease agreement and paying the insurance. Lease agreement was 14 pages in Spanish. (Thank you Caroline in Puerto Rico for translating despite sick baby crying and storms). Insurance needed to be paid in cash as the 1st months rent. Emptied (not really) an ATM. After adjustments to the agreement, signing and paying, with them having 2 lawyers present, I thought it was finally done.

Nope, next they didn’t want cash. Cash returned and wire transfers needed to be made. BUT, I’m very happy to say that I have finally moved in! Well, still waiting to have the washer/dryer, dish washer and refrigerator installed, but I love the apartment!

Me delivering some necessities to myself the night before moving in.

There’s been a lot of trying and buying furniture, kitchen stuff, and trying out the perfect pillow this past week.

Tiring to run around, but luckily there’s tacos around ever corner to energize you!

When tacos aren’t enough – go for sugar! This crazy donut shop is called The Secret Donut Society. You enter this room to place your donut order.

Then go into this room to pick up your order from one of the mirrored cabinet on the wall.

And then you stuff yourself! By the way, there is almost always a line outside. Only had to wait about 15min to get in…

Good thing there’s a great gym close to me so I can burn off the tacos & donuts 🙂

Also thrown some paint on my face and worked 🙂

Found a great nail salon close by too. Got to keep them claws sharp!

This weeks favorite dogs that I’ve come across 🙂 Last dog probably would’ve jumped out of the window if he’d fit hahhaaaaa….

I’m now seated on my new comfy couch. Should pack up after I finish writing this, but I have a feeling I’ll stay comfy on this couch! I need to charge my batteries because tomorrow my sister gets here – YAY! So happy and excited about that! Already planned some activities and going to be awesome to show her Mexico City!

Hope you have had a great week!

Kisses, Puma

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Congratulations on your new home in Mexico!!


Hope you like it here and hope I can meet you someday, been a big fan since …. Along time ago :p cheers


Nice place! Party at Puma’s? 😝

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