Experienced my strongest earthquake yet. Even though I felt them when living in LA and Puerto Rico, this one in Mexico was much stronger! It was Tuesday night and we were watching TV. There’s an alarm that sounds right before it starts shaking, but we didn’t hear it. All of a sudden the couch was swaying. The security downstairs called on the intercom and told us to hurry outside. Luckily everyone was dressed. Made me realize there must be people having to run outside pretty much naked. It felt like walking on a boat out on the ocean as it swayed some more when we headed out. Then all the power went out except for some lights powered by a generator. Everyone was out on the street and some in pyjamas’s and slippers.

It was safe to head back in after about 10min they said. Slept with a bag and clothes next to the bed in case there would be aftershocks. Luckily there was none!

It was good to catch up on work this week. Shooting and going through pics from the Pussitive shoot.

Also got my lashes done, mani + pedicure, dental visit and scheduled to fix a broken cap in 2 weeks. On Friday I had planned a dinner with a girl who I have common friends in LA with. We met up at a hip Greek restaurant called Nostos. So much fun meeting someone with common friends since you pretty much already know they’re going to be great since your friends like her 🙂 Fun dinner with Jenna and I got a new favorite drink now – Carajillo. Espresso and a Licor 43. Supposedly Licor 43 is supposed to contain 43 different ingredients. Not sure if it’s true or not, but the drink is dangerously good!

Luckily I don’t always drink espressos with alcohol! Found a new cafe yesterday with super good coffee (even without liqueur) – Constela.

Also found this cute Hungarian cafe. Just scoped it out and haven’t tried it yet, but I will! It’s special since my best friend Sandy in LA is Hungarian 🙂

And sometimes I just give in to my sugar cravings hahahaaaa… I did not feel well after finishing almost everything, but it was worth the satisfaction at the moment!

That’s about it for this week. BUT, tomorrow is my birthday wohooo 🙂 For the first time it’s starting to dawn on me that I might be considered old eeeek… I don’t feel that old, but the numbers speak for themselves. I might be half way through life. Just to convince myself, I’ll post some pics that was taken when I was in Vegas visiting Sophie Dee. All youthful with pink hair. Still got it right? RIGHT???? Hahhaaaa…

Going to work some more now and later heading out for some BBQ. Next week is also Mexico’s Independence Day so I hope to celebrate that too 🙂 Never pass an opportunity to celebrate!

Hasta la vista!


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Best wishes for your birhday 🙂 x


Happy birthday Puma !!
You’ll always be hot to me !!
Watch out for earthquakes and don’t eat crocodiles !!

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