…by and I had to look at my pictures to remember what I did. Sometimes it feels like all I do is have-to-do things that take up so much time.Making appointments, signing up for a mail forwarding service in Texas that required a zoom meeting to get notarized, getting lashes done (although I managed to take a nap at the same time so not a complete waste), etc. Going through pics and editing them. I only enjoy being in front of the camera or taking pics 🙂 Also went to the dentist, but I didn’t take pictures when I was there, because that’s an uncomfortable situation and I have to concentrate on not freaking out.

OK, enough complaining! Moving over to the good parts 🙂

I try to go for walks in the evening at least a couple of times a week. Perfect way to relax and I try to explore streets or areas where I haven’t walked before. Most of the time it’s rewarding and I find something new like a store, restaurant, or cafe. Last week I found this huge amazing bookstore called Fondo de Cultura Economica. I love books and bought 2 cool coffee table books. Pretty cool they had a book about Swedish architecture in wood.

I’ve also heard about this supposedly great bar at Four Seasons. Finally got a chance to visit last week and it’s a great place to check out. Had a drink and food at Fifty Mils. Creative cocktails and not super expensive either. Recommend to check this place out!

Got some great content done and couple of updates on Pussitive 🙂

On weekends they have dogs & cats for adoption at the park nearby. I can’t go there anymore on weekends because I just want to “save” them all. I started crying and had to walk away from the park…

I do enjoy seeing all the dogs around town when being out though, and here’s last weeks’ favorites :)This dog walker had 13 dogs out for a walk!

Not so common to see cats here so I got so excited to run into this one at the store. The couple told me they bring him/her everywhere with them.

Finally managed to hit the gym 4 times (my goal) last week. Here’s a couple of pics to prove it 🙂

I heard about this girl who does amazing nails and was told she was coming to visit Mexico City for a few days to take appointments. I haven’t had acrylic nails forever because after having them for years my own nails were ruined. After seeing her pics on Instagram I got excited and wanted cool ass nails by her. Yes, it’s hard to wipe your ass with them LOL…

I love the outdoors and will try to get outdoors more. There are so many options here and you can easily Uber to most of them. On Sunday we went to Los Dinamos park. 30min way with Uber and really nice. It’s a bit more family oriented by the entrance, but it gets more peaceful the further up you go. Ran into a farmer with a bunch of dogs trying to herd a bunch of sheep & goats 🙂 And yeah, could not walk by without taking a pic of the donkey with his dick out! I mean, who could?

Will definitely go back and bring my Kindle and snacks!

Now going to practice some Spanish and then go for an other walk 🙂 Have an amazing week!

Kisses, Puma

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