Sitting outside at one of my favorite cafes here in CDMX, Efimero Cafe, drinking cappuccino and writing to you. It feels like early summer here and the temperature is perfect. I probably don’t have time to finish this post, because at 2pm I have a shoot. Very exciting, because it’s an artsy type of shoot for a special publication in Sweden. Yesterday I went to Downtown for the first time with the photographer to buy a wig for this shoot. I love wigs and changing my looks, but the most impressive thing was downtown itself. You can find everything there I think. They had blocks for beauty, kitchen stuff, decorations, lighting, fabric, kitchen stuff, photography and probably tons of more stuff I didn’t have time to explore. But I’m going back for sure. And I think half of the population was in Downtown as well 🙂

Something that impresses me with Mexico is that there’s a solution to almost everything. You need a bit of sidewalk & a portable kitchen on wheels and you got a ‘restaurant’ going. Or you’re at least serving food. Here in Downtown they just had some chairs set up and there was like 20 people doing eyelash extensions. At another spot there was a lady sitting outside on the street getting hair extensions done. No fancy salons, lights etc, just getting shit done!

I also did a mini vacay this week from Wednesday to Friday at a town called Valle de Bravo. Amazing place and will make a separate post about it.

No week goes by without creating some pics & vids. In case anyone is unaware, or curious, here’s a link to all my channels where you can find my ‘creativity’ #sfw –

Last weekend on Sunday I went back to Los Dinamos Park. I went back to a spot with a big rock and just sat there and relaxed. And took some pics of my feet, because they’re big sellers 🙂

Managed to also snap pics of a friends’ cute dogs, one gym pic where it looks like I’m passed out and some Xmas decorations at the mall here. A little early I think…

Now packing my wig and going to shoot 🙂 Apparently they’re fixing my nails too and they got a wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, and a make up artist. I better be made look cool 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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