It was 10 busy days in LA! I have tried to catch up on sleep this weekend after coming back to Mexico on Friday night. There was a birthday brunch here on Saturday that required some recovery as well hahahaaa…

It was so great to see my best friend Sandy and her family again. I always stay with them when in LA and I feel like I’m part of her family 🙂 So much catching up to do and kids were ready with Barbies within 10 minutes of my arrival. I have my own Barbie there, named Barbara, and somehow the kids always remember that and I always have to play with Barbara.

There was a lot of shooting while in town. So spoiled that Sandy is the best make-up artist and fixed my face up every time 🙂 Here are just a few samples.

The hot brunette is Silvia Saige – yummy! And she has two super sweet cats too that I was running after almost as much as Silvia LOL…

I also shot a whole day with one of my all-time favorites Courtney Taylor! She’s just so damn hot and also so much fun. We were laughing so hard and the day flew by too fast! The photographer has all the pics so I’ll show them later.

Also flew out a day to shoot in Phoenix. The photographer makes you look your best. Even though he pays, he always shares some pics with the model that she can use. Not always the case with photographers. Here are a couple 🙂

And a couple of my selfies from that day… Not quite the same quality and elegance!

I think we maybe had 2 days that were a bit more chill. I threw on the bikini and tanned it up a bit.

Also did a round of shopping for some Pussitive stuff in Downtown. Afterwards met up with Jose who I became friends with in Puerto Rico. Found out through IG he was visiting LA at the same time as me. So good seeing him!

As always Sandy and I did one night out. It was her husband’s birthday and we celebrated pretty hard at Paris Tokyo in Beverly Hills. I only have this one pic of us before it got out of control hahahaaa… I can just say that the next day I woke up with half the birthday cake in my bra, hair, and clothes! But we had fun, all that matters!

And all too fast the ten days were gone! Hopefully I go back very soon 🙂

By the way, watched ‘Dune’ this weekend and reading the book. Wow, can recommend both! Have you read the book or seen the movie?

OK, time to hit the gym and get this week started off strong!

Kisses, Puma

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Gillar bilderna på dig! Du är väldigt attraktiv! Angående Dune, så såg jag David Lynch version på åttiotalet. Jag gillade den. Den har mer innehåll än den nya Dune av Villeneuve. Men den nya Dune går långsammare fram och du ser bilden bättre. Lynch komprimerade alla de olika delarna i en film på över 2 timmar och 20 min. Villeneuve tar fram det i tre delar och får en bättre berättelse som förmodligen stämmer bättre med böckerna av Frank Herbert. Jag har inte läst böckerna.
Sköt om dig! Kram Dennis


Any chance of Puma & Sylvia working together in the future 🤔

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