I’m only 2 weeks late wishing you that. Better late than never as they say right? How were your Holiday’s? Already broken some New Year’s Resolutions? Or did you bust into 2022 guns blazing?

Things here got busy during the Holidays. First of all I cooked my a*s off on Xmas-Eve. Rolled and cooked about 150 meatballs. But everyone loved the meatball sandwiches with the beet salad! And the Colombian empanadas were super tasty, so it was all a success 🙂 I haven’t had a meatball sandwich since Xmas, and I’d lick a toilet seat to get one right now!

The rest of Xmas flew by, and I have to say the Swedish traditions are a bit better. People were ordering pizza to eat on Xmas Day, and I felt I was mostly cleaning up after others. I love having people over and around me, but when they don’t clean up after themselves, I lose it a bit. Well, you live and learn 🙂

I did like visiting the Historic District during the Holidays. They know the meaning of bigger is better over here!

Need inspiration for your next nail design? They have a tent with like 80-100 people doing manicures in there!!! Take your pick…

On New Years we were supposed to go to a party. Everyone going had to get a Covid test. Well, turns out the host himself got his test back on NYE and was positive. Ooops, change of plans. Instead we had some people over at our place. Some food and drinks before 2022 wohoooo! It went so fast and I didn’t even snap one pic. But I shot these that I was supposed to post before NYE hahahaaaa….

Then I took off to LA and was hoping to get an interview date at any consulate in the US for a residency visa here in Mexico. Things are not always as easy I think they are. A lot of consulates have a huge backlog or don’t even have available dates for interviews. Finally I got lucky and now have a date next week in San Francisco. Flew back to Mexico because pretty much everyone in LA was getting Covid or locking themselves inside. Hard to get any shoots done. At least I got to hang with my bestie Sandy and her family. We did a day trip to Big Bear and that was awesome! Pics coming 🙂

Working hard before taking off to SF next week. Lived there for a year before Puerto Rico, so it’s going to be great to go back 🙂 Already planned a dinner with my friend Patricia there, and she just sent me a message that she popped her hip and ended up in ER yesterday. I love that she has the same humor as me! Nurse Puma is coming!

A couple of more left-over pics from 2021. Seeing the meatball sandwich pictures made me hungry and I need to go find some tacos now!

Laters, Puma

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Du är underbar och vacker Johanna! Önskar dig god fortsättning!
Kram Dennis

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