Right now I’m sitting at the airport in Guadalajara waiting to connect to Mexico City. The tickets were very expensive when booking them last minute, so had to get one flight with a layover now. One thing that’s always a great experience here in Mexico are the airport lounges. This one is huge and super nice. I love to have a coffee whatever time of day, and at this lounge they even have a Rancilio bean grinder (coffee lovers will know). In Mexico City, before flying to SF, the lounge had a nail salon, cooked meals you could order for free, and even offered shoe polishes.

Very happy I’m almost done with the residency Visa. Took 2 visits to the consulate in San Francisco and on Friday it was finally halfway done. Just have to exchange it to a permanent Visa now in Mexico.

Pics from SF coming soon. Will share a couple though with my favorite Mexican. So great to see Patricia again. We met at a Crossfit gym and it’s been about 4 years since I last saw her. Or since she saw my cleavage hahahaaa…

OK, it’s Monday now. I didn’t manage to finish the blog last night before taking off. I was too busy picking up and eating Oreo cookies and then I got super tired. So happy to be back in Mexico. Just feels like home now 🙂 Got straight into work this morning. Painted my tired face and then shot a bunch of stuff. Ate anything but healthy in SF so it felt good to hit the gym today! My bloated belly bounced pretty good on the floor doing burpees hahaaaa…

And finally some pics from LA. Sandy’s kids are always very creative and surprised me with this tent on my arrival. -“This is your bed” they said proudly! Awesome!

Everyone was having Covid or was having a fear of it and didn’t want to shoot. Instead me and my favorite (I’m writing that in case he reads this lol) photographer Nick hit our secret outdoor location and got creative. Great content and a great day!

Also shot at a location.

Then we took the kids and drove to Big Bear. Can’t believe I lived in LA for years and never went! I loved it and I’m pretty sure I’ll go back there for some hiking some day.

One of my biggest fears is bears! Imagine hiking and all of a sudden a bear would appear. I read and watch so many videos on how to act if you encounter one. I would most likely do just the opposite of what they all say – take off running with a squirt of ‘Nutella’ in my pants! So I saw this building covered in bear paintings and this is the only way I want to experience bears!

That was about it from LA. As always it was great to hang with Sandy and her family. A couple of more random pics before I flew back to Mexico. I always look for new coffee places and found a great one – Ideology Coffee. So good!

Love Snoopy! Relaxes 90% of the time 🙂

2 different selfies, 2 different styles 😉

Oh, almost forgot these 2 videos. One of the reasons Nick is my favorite photographer. He got the same humor as me 🙂

That’s all for now folk and have an amazing week!

XXX Puma

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Love the videos 😂


Waooo me encanta te recomiendo geiser del tatio o nevados ojos del salado o tambien el valle de la muerte san pedro de atacama o la viña concha y toro te saldran fotos espectaculares disfruta


Muchas gracias por los consejos. Mucho por explorar 🙂 Buen fin de semana!

XXX Puma

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