Here are some pics from the trip to San Francisco. First day it was so foggy you could barely see the top of the tall buildings.

Outside the Mexican Consulate. I think this was the 2nd day when the visa was approved because I look so happy 🙂

One of my favorite things in SF is all the amazing coffee places! Before I left I marked all the shops I wanted to get coffee from on Google Maps. One of my favorites in flavor and location – Andytown Coffee Roasters. They have this rooftop park with a walkway outside that was awesome!

My absolute favorite is Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters. WOW! So good and brought a couple of bags of coffee beans back with me to Mexico.

Other great coffee spots I visited were Home Coffee Roasters, Radiator Coffee Salon, and Red Rock Coffee Company in Mountain View. I used to live in Mountain View and stayed with a friend there on this visit, so it was great to go back to Red Rock every morning 🙂

There was this great specialty market that had pretty much all of my favorite coffee roasters. I love Verve, Chromatic, Ritual, Equator and Four Barrel. Had to buy a couple of more bags from there too 🙂 I was pretty over-caffeinated by the end of my trip hahahaaaa…

It was so much fun walking around in San Francisco again. I love the colorful Haight – Ashbury area.

I love lobster rolls and ate that twice. One of my favorite foods!

Great to see Patricia again and catch up with her. Patricia is the human.

More random pics from SF. Oh, and I love my Russian style hat that I wore everywhere. SF was sunny but cold!

It felt good to return to Mexico. Needed to get my butt back into gym and it feels so good!

Content has been produced and hopefully made people happy 🙂

Worked on Pussitive…

I have a busy and fun week ahead. A little overnight getaway on Wednesday, crossfitting, shooting and got some clothing samples to hopefully approve for production 🙂 Oh, and a visit to an orthopedic too because one foot has been hurting for a while and not getting better.

Let’s rock, Puma

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Prefiero el invierno percibo el olor a frio en las fotografias hoy hacen 33 °C en santiago capital de chile


Great pictures, Puma! Glad you enjoyed SF, but it must be great to be back home.


Cool pics. You probably are familiar with Cafe Trieste in North Beach – great coffee place. I’ve heard that SF has really changed -not for the better – but it still has to be the coolest city in the US. When I was 13, I visited the Haight (1967), and it was just surreal. Like going from a black-and-white world to one in Technicolor…

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