Wohooooo, first of all, big congrats to Finland for the Olympic Gold in hockey on Sunday!!! It’s the first time ever they got gold! I couldn’t watch the game despite VPN’s and all, so I was on WhatsApp with my sister in Sweden. She would comment, film the TV, and show me the action. In the last period when Finland was winning 2-1 against Russia, we were so nervous Russia would score. But no, Finland got the gold!!!! I played Finland’s National Anthem and my sister ran out on the balcony in Sweden waving the Finnish flag hahahaaaa… For those who don’t know, I’m born a Finn 🙂

On Tuesday last week we took the bus from CDMX to San Miguel de Allende. Only like 3,5h away and a very nice and comfortable bus ride.

I found a very nice Airbnb house for a great price. Was greeted by homemade guacamole, chips, and a bottle of wine 🙂 Oh, and not to forget the garden & beautiful views from the rooftop!

Starving we headed out and picked El Manantial for food & drinks. Supercool place and the food was so good! Of course there was Mezcal too and the cocktails were so tasty I had to have 2! We actually went back and ate there the next day too because it was just too amazing to pass up!

Strolled around the super cute town with all the alleys, boutiques, restaurants and churches. And there’s no shortage of rooftop bars/restaurants. Watched the sun go down and the moon appear on a rooftop with some tacos 🙂

Our place had 2 fireplaces. One was in the bedroom and it was perfect to end the first day chilling in front of it.

And how about waking up to this view?

Headed out for breakfast and coffee. One of the more popular breakfast spots in town – Cafe Lavanda. Good spot and a lot of options for coffee!

Toured the city some more after.

Then refill on the coffee intake. Great coffee spot – Ki’bok coffee. Much needed after walking the cobblestoned streets.

I needed an afternoon nap and got some sun upstairs too. So peaceful!

Finished off the night at a rooftop bar. Great to be drinking and have the churches remind you you’re probably overdoing it to their standards hahahaaaa….

Worked a bit the next day. A pleasure when you can do it outdoors and catch some sun while doing it!

No time to waste and more restaurants to try. Ended up at Tostevere. Wow, wow, wow! Small menu, but my soft shell crab wrap and the dessert was some of the best I’ve ever tasted!!!

Then off to a Mezcal bar – San Mezcal. A funny part about SMA is that there are a lot of retired gringos there. I don’t blame them, it’s a perfect place to retire and half of the bar was people aged 70+. I’ve decided that’s how I want to spend my retirement, out eating and drinking cocktails and no fu*ks given if I’m hungover the next day or not hahhaaaa… Great Mezcal drinks!

The next morning we got up early and went for breakfast at the Rosewood Hotel. They’re supposed to have an amazing Sunday buffet, but regular breakfast was good too. And a then a coffee at Zenteno Cafe before heading to the busterminal and back to CDMX.

Almost forgot the picture of this cool cowboy that came riding in the middle of town. He said he lives close by and likes to ride in to town. Yeah, sounds perfect to me 🙂

That sums up last week. My weekend was relaxing and now going to mentally get ready for my crossfit class in a couple of hours 🙂

Adios amigos, Puma

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