I don’t think anyone has missed that there is war in Europe between Ukraine and Russia. So horrible and I never thought there would be war in Europe during my lifetime. I know there are wars that have been fought far longer in other countries, but this feels so close.

My mom and dad grew up in Finland during WW2. I remember them telling me stories how the bomb alarms went off and they had to run for shelter in basements. They got coupons for food since it was rationed out. My grandma couldn’t afford to feed my mom and her two sisters, so the sisters were put on a train to Sweden. They got a note around their necks with their names, and people in Sweden took them in. My mom was the youngest and stayed in Finland.

I have a Russian friend and her parents live in Russia, but she has relatives in Ukraine. Some of them made it out to other cities where there’s no fighting by car. Someone wanted to take the train the next day, but then the city was surrounded by tanks and they couldn’t leave. So horrible and I can’t even imagine what people are going through at the moment! I don’t know how, but I hope this war comes to an end quickly!

I hope you all are safe!


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No es una guerra es una INVASION

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