It’s been a week of working, working out, and I finished off drinking enough alcohol to put my liver to serious work!

Anyone else doing the Crossfit Open workouts? I did it on Friday, the scaled version, and got to 4 burpees in the 10th round. Felt pretty satisfied with myself until I saw a Finnish girl racing through the workout. She got to something like 3 rounds. She lives in Mexico and competes for Mexico. So fun to get to talk some Finnish to her after. Didn’t get any pics from my open workout, but the last pic pretty much sums up how my Crossfit is going hahahaaaaa…

This week I also took a gong class for the first time. Very cool and it was great doing it on a rooftop while the sun was setting.

I try to get outdoors and have some nature around me on the weekends. There are great parks here, and I love feeding the squirrels! Last weekend handing out nuts 🙂

Shoot, shoot, shoot…

Before Christmas I did a really cool shoot for a Swedish magazine. I was styled in cool outfits and got a black wig. The magazine is called Nuda and this edition is called Ego. The text below is from their website and a link where you can order your copy. You can choose between 8 different covers too.

Nuda is a theme based publication, investigating a field through visual culture and science. This issue is titled Ego, an exploration of our psyche, brain, and mind. Ego is on a mission to untangle the mess of the I and find out what we really see when we look in the mirror.”

Some BTS pics from the shoot and a couple of samples from the magazine 🙂 So cool if I may say so myself, and there is some text about my explorations with LSD.

Fixed up my hair too. Needed a bit of highlights and a trim.

Last week I finished the series ‘Banshee’ and ‘The Righteous Gemstones’. Two very different series, but so great!!! ‘Banshee’ is a lot of violence & killing, while ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ is hilarious comedy.

On Friday it was a friend’s 40th birthday celebration with a live band and all. When they throw a party here it seems like they do it properly 🙂

Yesterday it was a dinner party, but I think I drank more than I ate 🙂 But a very fun night, and now I’m chugging coffee and writing to you. Hangovers are for basic bitches 😉

Here comes some dogs & cats for you and this guy painting a crosswalk 🙂

Wish you a great new week to come. I booked a stay in a new town close by I want to explore. Tell you about it next week 🙂

XXX Puma

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