Tepoztlan is one of Mexico’s ‘Magic Towns’ since 2010. In Spanish they are called ‘pueblo mágicos’ and there are currently 132 of them in Mexico. I’ve visited 4 of them: Sayulita, Valle de Bravo, San Miguel de Allende, and now Tepoztlan. It’s only about 1.5h from Mexico City, so it’s very convenient to pop by there. We went from Tuesday to Friday. I like going during the week when there are not that many tourists. The only downside to that is that some of the popular places are closed during half of the week and are only open from Thursday to Sunday.

Found this nice house on Airbnb. Really like that it was right by the mountains and so peaceful & quiet.

Threw in our bags and headed out starving looking for food. Since we were in the outskirts of town, it was about a 20-30 min walk to all of the places. It didn’t matter, because it’s beautiful walking around the town.

Went to this hotel and ate at their restaurant Mesa de Origen. I love fried pork fat and guacamole. It was a good restaurant, but I prefer more local joints than hotel restaurants. But when you’re starving, time is of the essence or I get hangry!

I continued walking towards the town center. By accident I looked up and saw a cool balcony. Decided to venture inside the building, and in the back there was a little staircase that led up to this great bar. The spicy Mezcalita was one of the best I’ve ever had! Unfortunately there was no visible name anywhere at the bar and I can’t find it marked on Google maps either 🙁 Just look up and if you spot the ‘lady’ on the balcony, you’ve found the place!

Next morning we headed out for breakfast. This place Tlacuacha Cafeteria was amazing and the food + coffee was delicious!

Then I wanted to enjoy the pool and catch some sun. Like an amateur I stayed out waaaay to long and my skin got fried! But it was so nice and relaxing to just chill there… Took some pics and had to filter the f*ck out of them or I could be posing as a stop sign!

More walking and it’s beautiful lighting during sunset. We came across these horses that just casually strolled through the streets. And this beautiful cat…

Tried the restaurant La Cueva Tepoztlan for dinner. It is a cozy bar and restaurant. Food was tasty and they had 2 for 1 drinks so we obviously had to try them out too. Muy bueno!!!

My favorite place was Cafe de la Milpa where we went for breakfast. Google directions were a bit off, but we finally found it. You walk this beautiful road surrounded by orange trees (at least I think that’s what they were) up to the cafe. The whole place is surrounded by their fields and we sat outside in the garden eating. And look at this cute dog that became very friendly when the food arrived 🙂

There is a famous pyramid on a hill that everyone recommended us to go see. The hike up there was closed now though, so we opted for a waterfall hike I found. We found the hike, but no waterfall. Instead we found this place that resembled a cave. So cool and there are beautiful views from there.

On top of our place you could see a cave in the mountains. I asked the guy who managed the Airbnb if we could hike up there. He only said “no, muy peligroso” and looked very stern so no exploring that cave. I wanted to know if it was dangerous because it was a steep hill or if there are like mountain lions or something up there. Admit it looks inviting 🙂

Time flew by and wish we would’ve had a couple of days more in town. Well, it’s not far so I can easily go back 🙂 Not many Ubers in the area so we had our Uber driver who took us there pick us up. Very smooth and can recommend a visit to Tepoztlan if you are around 🙂

Did the Crossfit Open workout scaled on Friday when we got back to Mexico City. Very hard, but it’s done! Otherwise a relaxing weekend and changed the mezcal drinks for coffee…

And I found this superfunny IG page that jokes about the Finns and theirs ways – @veryfinnishproblems.

Also watched Donnie Darko for the first time last night. Very good!!! Have you seen it?

Hope you’re doing great!

Kisses, Puma

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Such wonderful pictures, Puma!


Thank you very much 🙂

XXX Puma


Thanks for sharing your stories, experiences and pictures with us!


Thank you and hope you enjoy them 🙂

XXX Puma


I love your blog, it makes me appreciate you all the more xx


Glad to hear 🙂 Hopefully a new post up tomorrow sunday 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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