I usually blog on Sundays, but I spent most of yesterday gathering back my strength after Saturday’s dinner party. We were 16 people with some Gringos, Mexicans, a Colombian, and get this, another Finn! Debating if I should write it was ‘so much fun’ or ‘too much fun’ 🙂 I am the type of person that feeds off the energy from other people. When I’m surrounded by fun people I tend to get overly excited and go all in! You never know, could be the last party so you better make the most of it! I had a plan to take some pics, but the Mezcal was flowing, and cigarettes had to be smoked. But this pic pretty much sums up yesterday for me LOL…

On Friday last week I shot with a new photographer here in Mexico City. A girl at the gym recommended him. We shot a lot, and I think we got some really cool stuff. Still waiting for the pics so here’s some behind the scenes pics in the meanwhile 🙂

And when you don’t have access to a pro photographer, you do it yourself. I think I do a pretty good job…

I have a great week ahead. Trying another photographer to shoot some clothing on Wednesday. Going to work out hard, get my Spanish lesson, some friends coming into town, and on Friday I hope I get my Residency Visa wohoooo 🙂

How about you?

Kisses, Puma

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Great pictures, Puma!


Hope the Spanish lessons are coming along well. I’m 33 and I feel you on the staying up an extra half hour😂


Yo! If you like the gentelmen Bastards and GRRM you should really, really, really read ”The first Law” trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. Hands down, favorite author for adult fantasy.


Thanks for the tip. Never read anything by Joe Abercrombie, but I should give it a try 🙂

XXX Puma

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