Damn, time went by way too fast in Sweden. I got back to Mexico last night. It felt like I came to Sweden, celebrated Easter by visiting different friends and eating lots of candy, jetlagged, more friends & family time, had surgery, recovered pretty much, and then jumped on a plane back home again.

I was lucky that Sweden for once had pretty decent spring weather. The week before it could be sunny at noon and snowing a couple of hours later. Between all of the Easter meals my sister and I needed a walk. Something that runs in my family is that we can all sleep pretty much anywhere, at any time. This dock with a bench was a perfect nap spot 🙂

Right after Easter I had my consultation for a lower facelift. I probably could’ve waited a couple of more years for more saggy skin to pull up, but I’m not much for waiting when I want to do something. I was recommended a German surgeon whom my friend said he’s all about German precision. I was happy with the consultation and a surgery date was booked. All went great and I’m very happy. I will write a different post about this and show pics. Still have some bruising and swelling so waiting for final results 🙂

Something that’s great about Stockholm is there’s a lot of nature close to the city. I love being out in the woods. With my sister and 2 friends we hiked from Huddinge and checked out Tornberget. It’s a 10 meter high construction in the middle of the woods. It’s the highest spot in Stockholm – 111 meters above sea level, with great views from the top.

I always feel so happy when I’m in the woods and I try to make it a priority to spend more time outdoors hiking or camping. If I had to pick between a week hiking trip or say a beach vacation, I’d pick hiking and being outdoors any day.

After hiking we went to Karina’s summer house where they have a sauna right by a lake. Wow, perfect ending to the day and we actually got in the water too. I was going to write that we swam, but it was more like holding on to the stairs and dipping yourself and then hurrying back into the sauna. Obviously not before someone takes my pic!

Talking about sauna, me being a Finn and obviously loving saunas. But we’re also supposed to be very thirsty people, so my friend brought me 10 liters of vodka. Where and how she got it, probably is better untold hahhaaaa…

Spent a lot of time with my nephew, his girlfriend, and their “baby”. He’s 1 year and 3 months… is that a baby or a kid? First time for me meeting the little one and damn he is adorable. I’m not much for kids unless they are my friends and are cool to play with. One day we visited this incredible waffle place that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s called Klockargårdens Våffleri. It’s about a 50 minute drive from Stockholm City in the countryside. It’s most definitely worth the drive if you visit Stockholm. So peaceful and tasty waffles!

It was great to be back in Sweden and seeing friends and family. Maybe I’ll make another trip there this summer. Now I’m very happy being back in Mexico City. Got some recovery to do and look forward to getting back to work 🙂 I leave you with the best thing coming out of Sweden after Puma Swede that is hahahaaa…

Cheers, Puma

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Glad you had a wonderful time. I hope you recover quickly from your surgery. Take care of yourself.


Thank you so much…

All the best to you too 🙂

XXX Puma


Ever spend any time in Uppsala? Great place to hang out (in summer).
I’m glad all went well and hope you’ll make it up here to Taos NM in summer…


I’ve been to Uppsala long time ago. I probably should revisit 🙂 I had to Google Taos NM and it looks like a super cool place. I do hope I get to visit 🙂

XXX Puma

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